Two Pints of Maggots & A Packet of Hooks - The Fishing Podcast

Join Angling Reporter & Coach; Dave Eastwood as he takes a look at all things fishy in the UK.

Dave covers off 3 areas during the podcast:

  • The Press Pack - A look at anything interesting across the mainstream angling media & anything on social media that catches the eye.
  • The Big Chat - In conversation with special guests.
  • The Tackle Shed - Taking a look at new and old tackle, hints/tips and reviews.

If you're not out on the bank, sit back, relax and enjoy a chat about our favourite sport.

Tight Lines.

Music: What's The Angle? by Shane Ivers -

David Eastwood

An angler for over 30 years, Angling Columnist for the Lincolnshire World newspaper & website, Angling Trust Coach and Consultant/Media man for bait company… I love fishing matches and would describe myself as a "Club" angler who enters the occasional open competition. I'll never win anything big…but I can hold my own. Whether a tiny river, sprawling lake, deep blue ocean, or commercial snake lake, I have fished them all. I just love going fishing and meeting new people along the way.