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Episode 15 - With Special Guest Mark Pollard

Season 2, Ep. 15

In the final episode of the second series and 2021, Dave talks to Matrix and Hinders Bait Consultant, Mark Pollard.

Mark is surely one of the most recognizable and consistent anglers across the match fishing circuit. During the "Big Chat" Mark offers some brilliant tips which are borne out from his coaching sessions. He also delves into how his angling career began and evolved leading to becoming a fulltime angler.

Mark gives some brilliant anecdotes and shines a light on how/why his England Career didn't take off as well as many onlookers believed it should.

A fantastic end to the first year of Two Pints of Maggots & A Packet of Hooks Podcast.

In the press pack, Dave looks at the latest interesting stories in the angling press/social media, along with the Tackle shed, giving thoughts on the latest bargains and any other new fishing items and bait that caught the eye.

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