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  • 56. Two Indie Authors - Ep.56. Why are my books not selling?

    This week, Robert and David sit down and discuss why David's new novella series hasn't hit the ground running compared to the first book, Whatever Happened To Betsy Blake? That book was an international smash hit, and in an open and honest conversation, the Two Indie Authors dissect what could be the issues and how David can rectify them.They are then joined by psychological thriller author, AA Abbott, who has a decades worth of experience in indie publishing to bring to the 'Seven Questions'.

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  • 55. Two Indie Authors - Ep.55. Ream - A subscription site by authors for authors

    This week, the duo are joined by authors Emilia Rose and Michael Evans, who are the creators of Ream, an author focused subscription platform that helps authors build their own subscription platform with their readers. As independent authors, maximising our revenue streams is crucial and both Emilia and Michael share their experiences along with what Ream does that other platforms don't along with how to get started and how to grow. A truly fascinating conversation!David and Rob are then joined by cosy crime writer, Jamie West, who tackles the seven questions.
  • 54. Two Indie Authors - Ep.54. Six tips to build your fan base

    David and Rob have another six tips for you and this week, it's how to cultivate a fan base. They touch upon previous episodes they have recorded, but this week, they lay out the blue print of how you can implement these tips into building a loyal readership to help build your indie author career.They are then joined by award winning, cosy crime author Dawn Brookes, who offers a fascinating insight into her prolific career and how she has built it.
  • 53. Two Indie Authors - Ep.53. Getting your books into bookstores

    The boys are back from their break and this week, they are discussing how to get your paperback books on the shelves of bookstores. Rob and David go through all the steps you need to not only have a book that is fit for the shops, but also how to go about making the connections to get them stocked. They also discuss whether the whole process is worth the workload.They are then joined by the brilliant Rory Rea, a children's author and illustrator, who has some fantastic insight on how to market books to parents.
  • 52. Two Indie Authors - Ep.52. It's our birthday!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!That's right, it's the one year anniversary of the Two Indie Author's podcast, and before David and Rob head off on their holidays, they sat down to look back over their first year and pick out a few highlights from the show. Special guests, mail bag questions (and songs) as well as the brilliant 'Seven Questions'.Also...a big announcement for all of you listeners.
  • 51. Two Indie Authors - Ep.51. Let's talk Blog Tours

    A topic that gets brought up quite a lot in the Two Indie Authors community, this week, David and Rob sit down to discuss Blog Tours. A useful tool to generate interest and exposure for your books, the duo talk about their own experiences with them, where they went wrong and what they think they could get right with them.The quite brilliant Alice G. May stops by to tackle the 'Seven Questions' and has some fantastic insight on how authors can use their own voice to build their following.
  • 50. Two Indie Authors - Ep.50. All about selling direct with Joanna Penn

    The fiftieth episode is here and the boys have a HUGE guest this week - none other than Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn podcast. Joanna is one of the leading voices in the indie author world and has over a decade's worth of knowledge. A huge champion of being wide, Joanna has some fascinating insight on selling her books direct, as well as other avenues of additional income. You don't want to miss this!She also takes on the 'Seven Questions', and even has the unenviable honour of having Rob sing her a mail bag song!