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  • 77. Two Indie Authors - Ep.77. How to test Facebook ads with Matt Holmes

    This week, Facebook ads expert Matt Holmes is back on the show, as Rob and David ask him for guidance on testing Facebook ads. Matt is one of the leading experts in the field and this conversation is a MUST listen!They are then joined by the wonderful Samantha Blackwood, who takes time out from her birthday celebrations to answer the 'Seven Questions'.One of the most information packed episodes yet! So bring your notepads!

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  • 76. Two Indie Authors - Ep.76. How to maximise readthrough for your books

    The boys are back for another show, and this week, David sits down with Rob to discuss his strategy for generating incredible readthrough with his series. They discuss everything from back matter to advertising and Rob divulges a number of hints and tips he uses to keep his readers wanting more.They are then joined by the fantastic cosy crime and poetry writer, Geraldine Moorkens Byrne, who shares her wonderfully positive approach to being an independent creative.
  • 75. Two Indie Authors - Ep.75. Six tips to improve your productivity as a writer

    This week, David and Rob sit down and go through six tips they use to ensure they are staying productive when it comes to their writing. This isn't about marketing or admin - this is how you can get your words down on the page and get those books written!They are then joined by fantasy author, Mike Hibbert, for the 'Seven Questions' who comes with a promise...he has an answer the boys have NEVER had on the show before.
  • 74. Two Indie Authors - Ep.74. Six ways to make extra money as a writer

    This week, David and Rob sit down to discuss ways that independent authors could make a supplementary income by combining opportunities with the skills you might have. It's an interesting discussion, especially for those who are looking to step into the full-time world of writing.They are then joined the spicy romance writer, Lucy Felthouse, who has published over 100 novels, novellas and anthologies, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the 'Seven Questions'.
  • 73. Two Indie Authors - Ep.73. An in-depth look at subscription models

    HAPPY EASTER!This week, David has done some digging on the plethora of subscription models available to independent authors, and along with co-host Rob, the duo delve into how they could help your indie author business. They look at the three major platforms - Patreon, Ream and Substack - and weigh up which ones could help generate a fanbase and revenue, and what it would take to make each platform work for you.They are then joined by the wonderful John Thomson for the 'Seven Questions', who gives one of the most open and honest set of answers to date.
  • 72. Two Indie Authors - Ep.72. Six steps to build a marketing strategy

    This week, Robert and David sit down to discuss how to devise a marketing strategy for your indie author business, and give six steps to help you get started. It ranges from understanding your audience, to knowing what your next few years look like. Grab a pen and get ready to make some notes.They are then joined on the show by Kerry Law who answers the 'Seven Questions', who has a wealth of knowledge from her career as a fantasy author.
  • 71. Two Indie Authors - Ep.71. FIRST EVER Indie Author Audit with Cas Lewis

    A first time ever episode, as indie author Cas Lewis joins the boys for an indie author audit. She has opened up about her indie author career and the struggles she has faced, and David and Rob answer her questions and offer some guidance to turn her career around.Cas then sticks around for the 'Seven Questions', and offers her insights on certain aspects of the industry by drawing on her 12 years of experience.A can't miss episode!