Tracks To Relax - Sleep Meditations


The Magic Coin - Short Bedtime Story

In this short bedtime story, a boy name John finds something interesting and powerful in the woods. Will he use this new gift for good or evil? How do the shop keepers etc... fair from John spending this coin? Do they get the value they expect or a they left hanging? It is up to the listener to determine the outcome from this perspective.

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Cavern Of Peace Sleep Meditation

This guided sleep meditation begins gently with some simple breathwork, as you begin to inhale and exhale deeply. We will begin to use visualization to visit a place that is perfect for the listener. This place will make us feel peaceful, safe and relaxed. We then look around to find we are in a large rock cavern, filled with beautiful ambient white light and deep pools of water where droplets slowly fall from above. We slowly take a seat in the cavern to begin our countdown to deeper relaxation.We will then allow our tension to melt away as we take deep breaths in and out, letting go of anything that doesn't help us to relax. As our bodies and minds begin to unwind, we will be lead through a series of empowering affirmations. These affirmations will assure that we are capable, we are strong and we have the power to make the positive changes in our lives that we desire. The noise of the world around us will gently fade away as the white light of the cavern warms us. That light radiates soothing and healing energy which we are able to harness each time we listen, so we can become stronger and feel better. During the conclusion of this mediation, we will choose one of the deep, reflective pools to gaze into. We will use our imaginations to visualize the positive outcome you desire, as information is revealed by the pool that allows us to grow and improve. This visualization will be a tool we can use anytime we visit the cavern so that we can learn the lesson we need to move forward and believe in our inner strength.Support us on Patreon: Support us on Super Cast