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Pete Trainor

Season 2023, Ep. 280

Pete Trainor is a seasoned music enthusiast with an uncanny ability to transport readers through time and space into the heart of the 1990s progressive rock scene. His book, "Calling The Dreamers," serves as a captivating biography and an exclusive scrapbook of electrifying moments that defined the era.

With an infectious love for music, Trainor unveils the saga of Electrasy, a British rock band that emerged as a disruptive force within the Britpop movement. Through a tapestry of interviews, first-hand accounts, and striking photographs, Trainor brings to life the meteoric rise of this trailblazing group from the quaint landscapes of Pembrokeshire, Somerset, and Dorset to global stardom.

Readers are treated to a rollercoaster ride of outrageous tour escapades and serendipitous encounters with music royalty, leaving them in a state of perpetual astonishment. As the narrative unfolds, Trainor masterfully weaves in the seismic shifts occurring in the music industry during the dawn of the digital music era. With Napster's disruptive force shaking the foundations of record labels, Electrasy, much like many others, found themselves unwitting casualties in this tumultuous period of transformation.

"Calling The Dreamers" is more than a music biography; it's a testament to the power of revolution. Trainor invites readers to witness the birth of a new musical epoch, where the very essence of fandom was redefined and fans turned from supporters to digital pirates. As the industry giants stumbled, Trainor immerses us in a narrative that raises questions, sparks curiosity, and forever alters our perception of music and its industry.

The book stands as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by bands in the modern music landscape, shedding light on the arduous journey artists undertake in their pursuit of a livelihood. Trainor's vivid storytelling and keen insights make this book an essential read for any music lover, underscoring the importance of supporting live music and the artists who create it.

With "Calling The Dreamers," Pete Trainor invites you to buckle up, crank up the volume, and embark on a riotous journey that promises to leave you not only entertained and enlightened but forever changed. It's a celebration of Electrasy: the rock and roll band, the revolutionaries, the renegades, and their devoted fans. Through piracy, authenticity, and the upheaval of the music industry, Trainor invites us to explore a journey that spans not only time and space but also the very essence of musical expression.

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  • 352. Edie D Browning

    Edie D Browning is an accomplished author whose words resonate with the raw emotions of love, loss, and the indomitable spirit of healing. Her most notable work, "Me Here Without You Now: A Love Story After the Love Story," is a poignant exploration of a woman's journey through the labyrinth of grief, resilience, and the unexpected pathways to rediscovering love.In this captivating novel, Edie weaves a tale that unfolds against the breathtaking yet chilling backdrop of Finland's winter—a metaphorical reflection of the protagonist Louise's emotional landscape. The narrative delves into the life of Louise, who, having lost the love of her life, embarks on the tumultuous journey of moving forward while grappling with the complexities of modern dating in her forties.The story takes readers on a rollercoaster ride as Louise navigates the world of late-night eggplant emojis and attempts to make sense of her newfound connections. As she immerses herself in a budding relationship with a younger man, she becomes entangled in a quirky obsession that threatens to distance her from those who matter most, including her own son.Edie's storytelling prowess shines through as she skillfully guides readers through the winter months, capturing the essence of Louise's struggle with loss, love, and the pursuit of healing. The narrative crescendos just after the New Year, presenting Louise with a pivotal choice: to descend further into the rabbit's hole of obsession or to confront her past and embrace the possibility of love anew."Me Here Without You Now" is not merely a romance novel; it is a heartfelt exploration of the universal themes of love, life, and the resilience of mothers. Edie's prose evokes both laughter and tears, creating a literary experience that is simultaneously beautiful and inspiring. The novel serves as a poignant reminder that while grief may be a universal experience, the path to healing is uniquely personal, offering a beacon of hope even in the darkest moments of life.Edie D Browning's work underscores the profound message that, regardless of life's challenges, hope and healing are ever-present, waiting to be discovered. Through her storytelling, she invites readers to reflect on the transformative power of love and the unwavering strength found within the human spirit.
  • 351. EVindie

    Embarking on a musical journey at the tender age of 12, EVindie, the San Francisco-based Indie artist, has evolved into a true virtuoso of the independent music scene. His story began on the bustling streets of Fisherman's Wharf, where the strumming of his guitar caught the attention of a local San Francisco label, offering him a music contract that marked the inception of his extraordinary career.Dabbling in various bands and contributing his musical prowess to numerous projects, EVindie's versatility as a guitarist and songwriter became the stuff of legend in the Bay Area. However, it was the transformative period of the COVID-19 pandemic that compelled him to revisit his Indie roots. Fueled by the desire to ensure his extensive musical catalogue didn't languish unheard, EVindie boldly ventured back into the independent music landscape.Not content with merely creating music for himself, EVindie established the "Jones and Jefferson" Publishing Company, a namesake paying homage to the corner where his musical odyssey began. This venture serves as a testament to his commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration. From the sun-kissed vibes of California to the country twangs of Nashville and even the eclectic sounds of Denmark, EVindie collaborates with a diverse array of producers and writers, weaving together a musical tapestry that transcends borders.EVindie's sonic signature is a unique blend of relatability, hookiness, and unfiltered honesty. His music is a genuine reflection of the human experience, and his storytelling prowess has earned him accolades from reviewers. One memorable quote describes EVindie's hooks as hitting the listener "like a SUCKER PUNCH," a testament to the emotional impact embedded in his melodies.Ever the musical nomad, EVindie continues to push the boundaries of his craft, always seeking new avenues for collaboration and innovation. His ambition is to be the storyteller whose narratives resonate universally, providing listeners with a musical journey that is as compelling as it is unforgettable. With a commitment to creating cool vibes that captivate the soul, EVindie stands as a beacon of artistic authenticity in the ever-evolving world of independent music.
  • 350. Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson, the visionary founder of Mindful Money, LLC, is a passionate advocate for transforming lives through the intersection of mindfulness, an ownership mindset, and smart money management. His mission is to empower individuals impacted by the criminal legal system, helping them transcend financial challenges and embark on a journey toward long-term financial security.Born and raised in the heart of East New York, Brooklyn, Joe's formative years were shaped by the harsh realities of the crack era's impact on his community. This challenging environment not only instilled resilience but also exposed him to the profound consequences of economic disparity and financial illiteracy.Joe's transformative journey includes a period of incarceration, an experience that ignited a fervent desire to reach out to those facing similar circumstances upon release. His unwavering commitment to improving the financial well-being of individuals impacted by the criminal legal system drives his relentless pursuit of normalizing conversations about money.Mindful Money, LLC, founded by Joe Robinson, goes beyond teaching financial concepts; it catalyzes a profound shift in money mindsets, nurtures healthy relationships with money, and provides the tools and knowledge necessary for wise financial decisions and investments.Joe's dedication to his mission has led him to teach hundreds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals the principles of personal finance, the art of cultivating a wealth mindset, and the essence of entrepreneurship. His nationally-recognized book, "Think Outside the Cell: An Entrepreneurs' Guide for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated," serves as a beacon of hope and knowledge, offering a path to financial independence and success.In Joe Robinson, we find a leader whose life experiences have become the catalyst for positive change, inspiring others to overcome adversity and build a secure financial future. His journey from the challenges of East New York to the forefront of financial education exemplifies the transformative power of mindfulness, ownership, and smart money management.
  • 349. Marc J Hiscox

    Marc J. Hiscox is a seasoned personal coach and a luminary in the realm of self-discovery. With a profound understanding of human nature, Marc has dedicated his life to guiding individuals towards unlocking their true potential. Born in the heart of Illinois, Marc's journey has taken him from the Midwest to the serene landscapes of Idaho, where he currently resides.Armed with a Bachelor of Science in education, Marc delved into the intricacies of human behaviour and psychology. His commitment to personal growth led him to attain certifications in humanistic neuro-linguistic programming and humanistic hypnosis, offering a unique blend of expertise that empowers his clients to embark on transformative journeys.Beyond the realm of coaching, Marc's creativity finds expression in the art of custom furniture design and woodworking. As an esteemed instructor, he imparts his passion for craftsmanship to aspiring woodworkers. When not immersed in the world of coaching or woodworking, Marc nurtures his connection with nature, tending to his garden and crafting exquisite wooden bowls through the meditative practice of woodturning.Deeply inspired by his father's Cherokee heritage, Marc weaves elements of Native American art into his creations. This cultural influence adds a profound layer to his work, reflecting a spiritual connection that transcends generations.The culmination of Marc's insights and experiences finds resonance in "The Valley of Mystery," an adventure of the soul that beckons readers to embark on a transformative journey. The narrative unfolds through the protagonist, Liam, guided by spiritual teachers on a path of self-discovery. Marc's wisdom shines through the pages, encouraging readers to open their hearts and minds to profound truths.In the midst of Liam's transformative journey, Marc explores the intricacies of life, weaving a tale that delves into the essence of human existence. Through Liam's trials, readers witness the breaking of old habits and the creation of new, love-based choices. Marc's narrative inspires a shift in perspective, encouraging readers to recognize patterns within themselves and their surroundings.As Liam grapples with challenges such as his father's failing health and the complexities of love, Marc invites readers to reflect on their own lives. "The Valley of Mystery" becomes not just a tale but a mirror, reflecting the possibilities of profound spiritual growth through passion and self-discovery.Join Marc J. Hiscox in this transformational journey through "The Valley of Mystery" and unlock the doors to your own spiritual awakening. Through Liam's experiences, discover the power of moving with grace, breaking free from the shackles of old patterns, and embracing a life fueled by love rather than fear. Marc's narrative serves as a guide, inviting readers to explore the depths of their souls and embark on a journey of profound self-realization.
  • 348. Anthony Allen & Kenneth Taylor

    Anthony Allen, the Founder and CEO of E Universe Transportation Showroom, has harboured a deep-seated interest in transportation since his formative years. Kicking off his career immediately after high school at a car dealership, he immersed himself in a spectrum of automotive responsibilities. His tenure at Chrysler Corporation from 1973 to 1999 marked a significant chapter in his contribution to the automotive industry.From an early age, Anthony owned a variety of transportation products, ranging from skateboards to a meticulously converted motorcoach turned private RV. Fond childhood memories include the simple joy of rolling car tires—a prelude to a lifelong connection with vehicles.Anthony's career path includes exhibiting vehicles at car shows and public exhibitions over the years, affording him a firsthand look at the transformative journey of the transportation industry. With a keen eye for progress, he observed the industry's evolution, notably the electrification of non-gas or battery-operated products. Anthony's forward-thinking approach has laid the groundwork for the company's dedication to staying abreast of contemporary advancements.Complementing Anthony's visionary leadership is Kenneth Taylor, the Vice President of Sales. Kenneth brings strategic prowess and unwavering commitment to the team, playing a pivotal role in the company's success. Together, Anthony and Kenneth navigate the intricacies of the modern transportation industry, united by their shared dedication to innovation. Their collaborative leadership ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the ever-changing transportation landscape.
  • 347. Jermaine Henderson

    Jermaine Henderson, a visionary genius at the age of 44, stands as the luminary owner of The CEO Group LLC. Known as the prodigy with an unparalleled knack for simplifying complexities into golden opportunities, Jermaine has crafted an empire by streamlining sales, marketing, coaching, and leadership methodologies into foolproof success formulas.With an illustrious career, Jermaine has condensed intricate financial strategies into simplified mastery accessible to all. His gift lies in illuminating the clear path towards actualizing the boldest aspirations, a skill set that has made him the hidden genius behind numerous startup success stories.Thought leaders marvel at Jermaine's ability to re-engineer intricate problems into effortless competitive advantages. His magic is now available to forward-thinking businesses eager to unlock their true potential.In contrast to the intricate world of business strategy, Jermaine's personal life radiates simplicity, adventure, joy, and spiritual grounding. Embraced by his remarkable family, each day is filled with excitement, laughter, and an unbreakable bond. His family, the bedrock of his success, thrives on embracing new horizons together, creating an atmosphere of harmony and unconditional love.The CEO Group LLC, under Jermaine's leadership, believes in the power of simplification for business growth. For over a decade, their suite of services has provided entrepreneurs with the clarity and confidence needed to turn aspirations into reality.The company offers virtual bookkeeping services in all 50 states, ensuring accurate financial tracking and analysis for data-driven decisions. Certified bookkeepers optimize profits and ensure IRS compliance. Their business and financial coaches work closely with clients to define and achieve personal and professional goals, providing ongoing education and support.The CEO Group's credit restoration service leverages proven techniques to improve personal and business credit scores, a key factor for funding growth. For new businesses, their startup coaching guides through entity formation, business planning, and establishing processes for success.To drive revenue growth, the company's sales and marketing services help master customer acquisition, retention, and relationships through proven CRM strategies. The CEO Group offers various business financing options, from SBA loans to lines of credit, to fuel growth.Living by the motto to simplify, enable, and grow, The CEO Group invites businesses to schedule a free consultation, unlocking their potential with the promise that the envisioned future is closer than they think. Jermaine Henderson's fulfilment lies in bringing effortless joy to the lives and work of millions, one simplified opportunity at a time.
  • 346. CXJ

    From the tender age of 9 to 11, CXJ, already enamoured with the soulful strains of R&B, found solace and expression in the melodic wonders of music. His anthem at the time was none other than "Thinkin' Bout You" by the illustrious Frank Ocean, a song that resonated deeply and set the stage for his musical journey.As a freshman in high school, CXJ began weaving his musical aspirations into reality. Initially, his focus was on crafting beats and lending his voice to the harmonious world of choir singing. The turning point came during his sophomore year when he delved into the intricate art of beat-making, thanks to an inspiring course in the industry of music. The classroom became his creative playground, a space where he honed his skills and discovered the alchemy of music production.Junior and senior years marked a significant shift for CXJ. The passion for music that simmered within him throughout high school began to boil over, pushing him to take his craft more seriously. Though he grappled with confidence in his vocal abilities, the fire within refused to be extinguished.Post-graduation became a pivotal moment for CXJ as he transitioned from the hallways of high school to the vast landscape of the music industry. Armed with newfound determination, he began sharing his musical creations with the world. The journey from singing R&B classics to crafting beats in a high school classroom culminated in a public exploration of his artistry.Now, CXJ stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion and persistence. His melodic journey, shaped by the influences of R&B and the classroom insights of a music course, has brought him to a place where his musical expressions resonate with a broader audience. As he continues to evolve as an artist, CXJ invites listeners to join him on this sonic adventure, where each beat and note tells a story of growth, self-discovery, and the unwavering love for the art of music.
  • 345. Tanner Aux

    Celebrating over seven years in the realm of music, Tanner Aux stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that come with independent artistry. Born out of a passion for sound and an unyielding dedication to his craft, Tanner's musical journey began its vibrant narrative in 2019 with the release of his inaugural project.As a versatile artist, Tanner extends his creativity beyond the studio, sharing his candid reactions to music videos on YouTube. His insightful commentary and genuine reactions have garnered a dedicated following, turning his channel into a hub for music enthusiasts seeking authentic engagement.Driven by a profound love for music and a desire to connect with a global audience, Tanner has traversed numerous countries, weaving cultural influences into the fabric of his sonic tapestry. Beyond the boundaries of his artistic endeavours, Tanner assumes the role of a worldwide promoter through his venture, AUXCORD COLLECTIVE. This platform serves as a conduit for rising talents, amplifying voices and melodies that deserve a global stage.A glimpse into Tanner's musical catalog reveals a prolific output, with over 70 songs resonating across various streaming platforms. Each composition reflects his evolving artistry, an exploration of emotions and experiences translated into melodies that linger in the hearts of his listeners.Looking towards the future, Tanner Aux is poised to unveil his next magnum opus — "The Truth 2," an album slated for release early in 2024. This eagerly anticipated follow-up to his debut studio album, "The Truth," promises to be a continuation of his musical odyssey, inviting audiences to delve deeper into the nuances of his creative vision.In the digital realm, Tanner Aux invites you to join the journey theough his promotional initiatives and behind-the-scenes glimpses on Instagram. Follow the rhythm and join the melody at auxcord_collective, where the community converges to celebrate the vibrant kaleidoscope of sounds curated by Tanner Aux.As Tanner marks his one-year milestone, the journey unfolds, melodies evolve, and the truth of his artistry continues to reverberate across the global musical landscape. Cheers to a year filled with harmonies, and here's to many more chapters in the musical saga of Tanner Aux.
  • 344. Dr Charles S Herrera

    Dr Charles S Herrera is a distinguished Professor of History, currently shaping the minds of eager learners at Paradise Valley College in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. With a passion for unravelling the intricacies of the past, Dr Herrera has not only dedicated his career to academia but has also delved into the realm of economic foresight, earning acclaim for his groundbreaking work in predicting real estate collapse.His seminal work, "The Bubble That Broke the Bank," is a testament to Dr. Herrera's expertise in dissecting complex economic phenomena. This explosive book transcends conventional crash predictions, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the impending real estate collapse in the USA, Australia, and the UK. Dr. Herrera goes beyond the ominous forecasts, providing a unique survival strategy designed to navigate the challenges of a collapsing market.Within the pages of his book, Dr. Herrera lays out an in-depth Crash Blueprint, offering invaluable insights into the world of investing during the tumultuous times of a market downturn. His foresight and strategic approach provide readers with a roadmap to not only weather the storm but to potentially thrive amid economic turmoil.A true visionary, Dr. Herrera doesn't stop dissecting the real estate landscape. He also explores the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the shifting paradigm of the real estate market. By incorporating cutting-edge technology into his analysis, Dr. Herrera ensures that his readers are equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the real estate industry.Furthermore, Dr. Herrera extends his expertise to address the tourism collapse in two iconic destinations, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Hawaii. Through meticulous research and insightful commentary, he sheds light on the intricate interplay between economic forces and the tourism sector, offering a holistic perspective on the broader impacts of these collapses.As a thought leader and educator, Dr. Charles S. Herrera leaves an indelible mark on history, economics, and real estate. His dedication to unravelling the complexities of our world and his commitment to empowering others with knowledge make him a respected figure in both academic and economic circles.