The Toby Gribben Show


Laura Ford

Season 2021, Ep. 221
Hi, my name is Laura Ford and I am an author. My new YA novel Sounds Like Love has just come out.Together with writing I love to travel and seek out new experiences and adventures to enrich my life and inspire my stories.My journey in adult life started off with a scholarship to attend law school at 18. I had never studied law before but I thought that if I put my mind to it I could achieve anything. I was interested in society, people’s stories, justice - and from my point of view as a student - how the law may be able to help protect vulnerable people and the environment.I specialised in environmental law and found that this was easy for me to study and put hours of time into as I love the natural world. I would write long essays and spend hours studying.I graduated at 21 and worked in LA afterwards for a while. I then returned to London and studied at the London Film Academy and wrote a short film in a week called ‘Sounds Like Love’. My screenplay reached the top ten percent of the Blue Cat International Screenplay Competition and the story just would not leave my mind.I later immigrated to the US where I performed stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and appeared in comedy sketches for the Jimmy Kimmel show. I enjoyed writing my comedy routines so much and using my imagination that I realised I had to write Sounds Like Love as a novel. I had always written short stories and even a book as a child.Since this time, I have had short stories published in publications in the US, UK and Canada and recently had a piece translated into Japanese.Writing is fulfilling for me on a soul level.My novel Sounds Like Love was written from the heart and inspired by the different cats that I have shared my life with. One cat in particular - a kitten that I rescued from the street while on holiday in Greece - was an inspiration for one of the characters in my book.When I wrote Sounds Like Love it was important for me to create a protagonist that was relatable. I wanted my protagonist to be a seemingly ordinary girl who is extraordinary on the inside. You don’t need to know Kung Fu or be a rocket scientist to be extraordinary!People have immeasurable strength and resilience inside of them and this is something I wanted to focus upon in my story. The extraordinary hope, strength and resilience that lies within people - but cannot be seen to passers by.

Becky Walsh

Season 2021, Ep. 219
Daring to disrupt the normal view of how we see coaching or therapy. My hilarious stand-up show is never the same twice. You laugh, learn and reflect on some powerful lessons in personal and societal change.Talking therapies have an important place, but sometimes you just need to see things differently to be able to create a life-changing shift. Making people laugh has been something I have done in my personal development training for twenty years. It allows people to look at difficult subjects without self-blame.It works on our inner voices. Most of us have what’s known as archetypes or sub-personalities. In psychology, the famous ones are the inner child, the critic, the saboteur or the protectionist to name a few. The part of us that has ‘fears’ comes from those sub-personalities that often developed in childhood. These are also known as protectors as they protect our vulnerabilities and needs not met. However, within the protection, they can also hold us back from living a greater life and getting the thing that we want. It’s like following the advice of your inner five-year-old your whole life. By poking fun, not at the individual but at the human condition, you dare to disrupt the pattern of habit and that jolt can launch a perspective shift’.Whilst the stand-up show won’t deal with some of the more serious states of mental health and well-being. It could give an opportunity to give useful insights to people who wouldn’t be comfortable on a therapy couch.I’ve authored five published books, the one I’m talking about is called ‘You Do Know – Learn to act on intuition instantly’ published by Hay House, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas on the brain in the gut and the brain in the heart.I’m a regular media pundit on the subject of personal development and growth.I'm a past presenter of an award-winning show on LBC radio and freelanced for BBC Radio for five years.I had my own TV show on the Made Television network, called ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh’, which was a late-night call-in show. I started with a shorter show on the channel called 'Becky's life hacks'.

Kimberley Locke

Season 2021, Ep. 217
Kimberley Locke’s first single from her highly anticipated upcoming Christmas album is an obscure one, originally penned by the Queen of Disco herself, Donna Summer with Michael and Stormie Omartian, "Christmas Is Here". The song embodies the Holiday season. You can't help but smile from ear to ear as you listen to smooth and sultry tones of Kimberley's voice. The lyrics will remind you of all the joy we feel and share during the holiday season.Here is the link to the lyric video to the hear the single’s last Christmas album was a hit and she was touted by Billboard Magazine as the “Queen of Christmas”. Over the last few years, Kimberley has only released a single during the Holidays, but this year she felt it was time to go into the studio and put together a cohesive body of work for this Holiday season. More than ever, we can all use some Holiday cheer considering the year we’ve had. The full album will be released September 30. Kimberley is currently booking a Holiday tour.Locke will also be releasing a song later this year with Dave Audé and Andreas Moss through Curb Records.Auditioning for the 2003 series of American Idol® was a life-changing decision for Kimberley Locke. She successfully passed the audition and became a firm fan favorite, eventually placing third. Kimberley signed to Curb Records immediately after her American Idol journey, where she became a successful recording artist. She released three full-length albums, has ten Top 20 Adult Contemporary singles, five #1 Dance hits (Including one international dance hit “Feel the Love”) and was coined the Queen of Christmas by Billboard Magazine.

Fiona Demark

Season 2021, Ep. 216
Fiona Demark is an inspirational Speaker and Life Coach. She helps people who are stuck and frustrated with their lives to create a new reality. Fiona has been legally blind since birth and loves to share her story of resilience, positivity and life achievements to inspire and motivate others.Fiona knows the importance of a positive mindset and a ‘Can Do’ attitude. This has helped Fiona to overcome adversity and think outside the square in order to achieve her dreams. Her interest in natural therapies has led her to study hypnotherapy and reiki to compliment her skills in life coaching and social work.After moving from the Outback to the city to complete her Social Work studies at University, Fiona has worked with a range of people to support her clients through significant life changes. Fiona is the proud mother of two teenage daughters, works a full time job at VicRoads, and manages her own business.Fiona loves adventure, often being pillion passenger on her husband’s motorcycle. “Riding around Phillip Island at 300kmph was something I will always remember.”Fiona lives her life focusing on her main four senses that now work more efficiently than if Fiona could see. “I love the smell of rain, clean clothes and the bookstore. (Yes, I go to the bookstore and smell the books – even though I use audio and eBooks to read!) I love the touch of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and hugs from loved ones. The taste of a great meal or glass of wine are things I savour. And, of course my hearing. I enjoy reading audio books, chatting with friends and listening to a wide range of music.”Fiona never says “No.” to a challenge or opportunity, never letting her disability prevent her from achieving the things she sets her mind to.Fiona speaks to community groups, job seekers, and corporate organisations to share her story of inspiration, motivating others to set goals and achieve their dreams. She also works individually with clients to provide one-on-one support and coaching.