The Toby Gribben Show


Craig Evans

Season 2022, Ep. 144
For Craig Evans, innocence was taken as a child.Abandonment, physical abuse, and psychological torture swallowed his youth. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia were the result of suffering. But through surviving cancer, new self-discipline was born; that of iron will and perseverance. Craig transformed himself from the broken pieces to find powerful courage to soar through fear, and then above it.In From Shattered To Soaring, he shares his extraordinary life story and reveals the powerful techniques as a practical guide he used to transform fear, anxiety, and panic, to reach his full potential. His story uncovers a path that anyone can follow with actionable exercises to shatter fear, drive through pain, and uncover their greatness.This book was written for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and depression. After enduring a lifelong struggle with these debilitating disorders, Craig discovered a way through the fear and no longer suffers.• If you are paralyzed by fear• Stuck in the grip of anxiety• Frozen in place by panic attacks• Enclosed by overwhelming agoraphobia• Or buried in a deep well of depressionThis book was written just for you.Craig Evans has been where you are now and knows what it feels like to try your best and to fail. Once stuck in the seemingly never ending cycle of fear, anxiety, panic, and then self-preservation, he managed to shatter those glass ceilings, and soar to heights once thought impossible.He has found the keys that will help you pass through the door of panic and fear so that they no longer control you. What may seem impossible now will become your past achievements. You can become the key maker to unlock any door you previously thought impossible. Apply what Craig shares, and you will become your own superhero.

Stefan Stevens

Season 2022, Ep. 139
Stefan Stevens' new book 'Natasha's Prison' is a heartfelt story about Harry and Natasha, and a harmonious relationship that ends too abruptly, leaving Harry in despair and fighting for freedom from his depression.During his struggle, Harry uncovers a web of twisted truths and many riddles.Set during the early years of Harry and Natasha’s relationship, the bond of the twin flames grew stronger. Neither of the two knew that they were a twin flame.At first, the two were inseparable and conquered all of their dreams and challenges as a team. They travelled through many parts of China. Later they decided to start a new life in Thailand.The experience of starting a new life and career motivated them more to create a secure future. They returned to China after three months. Their relationship was as strong as ever, and they were on the road to their next goal.Then it all changed with one incoming text message, one person and one irresistible force of nature. The events to follow are painful and psychologically dark.The runner of the twin flame ran. Through days and months of facing depression, and trying to fight the depression, Harry started counselling and realized he was spinning in a room filled with his fears, doubts and insecurities. He became clinically depressed.An unfortunate turn of events triggered a point seemingly unable to return.Harry is telling his story of a life with Natasha as a token of paying it forward for any person in our vast world experiencing similar experiences.It is about never giving up and fighting for one's own freedom!