The Toby Gribben Show Highlights


Kermit Zarley

Season 2023, Ep. 37
Kermit Zarley is a professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. He is also the author of several books.Zarley was born in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from the University of Houston and was a distinguished member of the golf team. He was the individual champion at the 1962 NCAA Division I Championships and also led his team to victory.Zarley had three dozen top-10 finishes in PGA Tour events during his 18 years on Tour including three wins. Zarley had three top-10 finishes in major championships; his best was a solo 6th at the 1972 U.S. Open. Zarley won once on the Senior/Champions Tour. On both Tours, he finished second or tied for second seventeen times.Due to his unusual name, Zarley was often called "the Pro from the Moon" or "Moon Man." It is because comedian Bob Hope once interviewed him on national television and remarked, "Kermit Zarley, with a name like that, he must be the pro from the moon." In a Wayne and Shuster sketch about a golf tournament being held on the streets of Toronto, Johnny Wayne's character is named "Zarley Kermit, Jr."In 1965, Zarley co-founded the PGA Tour Bible Study group with fellow PGA Tour players Jim and Babe Hiskey. It is still active in the world of professional golf. In the period between his careers on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour, he wrote three books on religion and world affairs. He received an honorary doctorate degree in 2001 from North Park University in Chicago, which has a lecture series named for him. Zarley resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Calvin Robinson

Season 2023, Ep. 36
Calvin Robinson is a political commentator and broadcaster who is also a deacon in the Free Church of England (FCE). Previously, Robinson had worked as a secondary school teacher and became a video games journalist. From 2020 to 2022, he was studying for ordained ministry in the Church of England, but was refused ordination, prompting him to join the FCE. He is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Spiked and First Things. As a commentator, Robinson has contributed to talkRADIO and GB News.Robinson was employed in the technology industry before training as a teacher. He taught computer science at the St Mary's and St John's Church of England School in Hendon where he became head of the IT department. In 2017, Robinson was featured in a recruitment advert encouraging people to become teachers. He was a video games journalist and is also owner of the video games site God is a Geek.In May 2016 and 2018, Robinson sought election to Brent Council and Camden Council respectively, where he stood in the wards of Kilburn and Swiss Cottage for the Conservative Party. He was the Brexit Party candidate in Broxtowe in the 2019 election, but dropped out to support the Conservative candidate.Robinson has also held various positions in local news and right-wing political organisations and campaigns, including Defund the BBC, Unite2Leave (a pro-Brexit tactical voting campaign) and Conservative Way Forward. He has contributed to Black Lives Matter UK: An Anthology, a Henry Jackson Society report opposing Black Lives Matter and "hard-left identity politics". Robinson has claimed that his commentary has made him the target of racial abuse.Having studied from 2020 to 2022 for ordination in the Church of England at St Stephen's House, Oxford, he was refused ordination by Jonathan Baker, the Bishop of Fulham, and chose to leave the church for the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON). He was ordained as a deacon on 25 June 2022 in the Free Church of England by Bishop Paul Hunt. The decision to deny ordination to Robinson was controversial and attracted strong criticism by conservative media and by Anglican theologian Angela Tilby.Robinson has also worked for talkRADIO and as a presenter on GB News, with, from late 2022, a regular slot on Sunday afternoons entitled "Calvin's Common Sense Crusade".

John May

Season 2023, Ep. 35
Liverpool's much-loved actor and comedian, John May, is set to embark on a 1,100-mile trek from Land's End to John o Groats, starting in Cornwall in the depths of winter on the 26th of January. He will have only his trusted backpack and will be wild camping along the way.Throughout the walk, John will be joined by a number of famous friends, including mixed martial artist and former Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion, Molly McCann (Meatball Molly) and former professional boxing champion, Tony Bellew.All the money raised will go to Weapons Down Gloves Up, a boxing initiative based on sports, education and employment. The WDGU programme works to get young people into employment, with a focus on those who are 16 years or older, and not in education or training.This is achieved by engaging with local communities and running a successful boxing and MMA programme which is rolled out alongside an education programme with career-driven qualifications. The wider ambition of the initiative is to ensure young individuals are placed into full-time work, thereby taking them off the streets and into a promising future.No matter the individual's background, positive or challenging, the WDGU programmes ensure that people choose the right pathway in life, away from the streets and into employment.In the 12 months to March 2022, there were 49,027 knife crimes recorded in England & Wales, many involving young adults. That is equal to one every ten minutes. In the eight months from May to December 2022, there have been eight innocent women killed as a result of knife crime and violence, as well as one young girl who was murdered in Liverpool. John May and the team from WDGU are working to stop this cycle of violence.With a total fundraising goal of £50,000, the challenge has already received phenomenal support, with the likes of Steven Gerrard sharing video messages of support on social media. To date, the GoFundMe page has raised over £1,000 before one step has even been taken.As ambassadors of the initiative, Tony Bellew, the face of boxing, and Molly McCann, who represents the UFC world, will walk with John for a number of days. They have both also been drumming-up celebrity support, so that for a number of dates, John will have some famous faces by his side.Covering an average of 15 miles a day, the challenge is set to be filmed in a weekly vlog style, so that supporters can keep up-to-date with John's antics. A separate weekly cinematic video will also be filmed so that the adventure remains well-documented, complete with celebrity interviews from each week. Furthermore, to keep local supporters and fans in the loop, John will be going live daily and posting updates every day too.Giving up his home and his business, John May is ready to reset his life and embrace the trek across the country. Considering the challenge to be a celebration, his ambition is to bring together everything he has learned in his 40 years on this planet and transform his experiences into something with purpose.John May said: "I think what Weapons Down Gloves Up do is fantastic because I really believe that boxing gyms are great for kids. Growing up, I saw kids that went to boxing gyms, and ones that didn't - and there was a difference. These kids from the boxing gyms had structure, discipline and respect. I believe it gives kids a lot more than you might expect.The WDGU programmes are such a powerful way to get these kids off the streets. I think a lot of them find validation in gangs. They feel a sense of loyalty, but you can also get this sense of belonging to a family from your boxing gym too."

David Millbern

Season 2023, Ep. 32
President Biden's recent signing of the same-sex marriage bill, has placed an unexpected spotlight on David Millbern's critically acclaimed documentary "100 Years of Men in Love: The Accidental Collection."The critically acclaimed "100 Years of Men in Love: The Accidental Collection" and its newly discovered imagery that is already reaching iconic stature, is a documentary focusing on a unique, moving and joy-filled collection of vintage photographs of men in love from the 1850s to the 1950s, taken when male partnerships were often illegal, the photos were found at flea markets, in shoe boxes, family archives, estate sales, and old suitcases. Directed by Emmy-winning actor-producer David Millbern, and with spoken words from curators Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell, 100 Years of Men in Love: The Accidental Collection showcases the beauty of everlasting and universal love.President Joe Biden's landmark new federal protections for same-sex and interracial couples, cap both a personal and national evolution on an issue that's enjoyed growing acceptance over the past decade. "Marriage is a simple proposition. Who do you love? And will you be loyal to that person you love?" Adding, "For most of our nation's history, we denied same sex couples from these protections," Now, this law requires an interracial marriage and same-sex marriage must be recognized as legal in every state in the nation."100 Years of Men in Love" shines a light on some of that history through a selection of photographs collected by Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell stumbled upon an old photograph of a gay couple by random and then turned it into their mission to discover more of pictures history tried to bury. As they found more and more, they realized some of these photographs dated back more than 100 years.Fans and critics, both LGBTQ and not are now applauding director David Millbern for compiling this remarkable footage. "100 Years of Men in Love" is a landmark documentary-style film that sticks close to its title and central premise. Over the course of 57 minutes, we're treated to various photographs of men expressing love for one another that dates back as far as 1850 and as recent as 1955.Due to how gay couples have been treated over the course of human history, you can already tell how bold it would be for a couple to take a photograph with each other in an embrace during that time frame. The film, itself, works as a huge eye-opener to any naysayers and the current trend of anti-gay rhetoric that believe homosexuality is a more recent trend in human development. As clearly shown by these pictures, the film shows proof that same-sex dating back to the 1850s that gay men were living together in America and unafraid of showing their love in public.Punctuated between certain photos are quotes from authors such as Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau that illustrate how love is universal. Regardless of gender identity or race, we as humans can fall in love with one another. We shouldn't be imposing limits on our love when love is one of the strongest emotions we can give.Those who experience "100 Years of Men in Love" are treated to a selection of moments that history couldn't destroy. The love on display was so powerful, it outlived its subjects and went on to become a beacon of hope for others. "If that's not the definition of true love, I'm not sure what else could be," says Director and Producer, David Millbern.