This is the Life


004: Ipswich - 'A Thousand Pints a Minute'

Season 1, Ep. 4

Our heroes set their sights on somewhere a little closer to home... or, their home anyway (we have a very international listenership!). Rory and Paddy drove to the Penta Ipswich to see what the port town in East Anglia has to offer. Coastal landscapes, a thriving food scene and historic architecture... these are all things we would have been focussing on had we not been distracted by the big frothy pints of ale. Suffolk is also blessed with wonderful people: Josh at Penta was kind enough to talk us through what is so special about the area, and we also ventured into the nearby towns, catching up with Dan, the head brewer of Suffolk's most iconic brewery Adnams. Please do leave us a review if you like what you hear!

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