This is the Life


002: Prague - 'Whilst in Prague'

Season 1, Ep. 2

Fuelled by nothing but lager and ice cream sundaes, Rory and Paddy continue their travels to the Penta Hotel in Prague. They take in the sights, sounds and suds of the extraordinarily beautiful city that many consider to be the beer capital of the world. Our crusaders are also lucky enough to talk to writer and New York Times beer expert, Evan Rail, whose knowledge and passion for the subject makes Rory and Paddy want to dive head first into a tub full of beer… which they actually do!

Supported by Penta Hotels

Written and Hosted by: Paddy Delaney and Rory Marshall

Sound and Editing by: Johnny White

Music by: Jack Kaye and Elbe Koe

Music Mixed by: Kristian Smith

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