cover art for 001: Inverness - 'Loch, Stock and Two Smoking Whiskeys'

This is the Life

001: Inverness - 'Loch, Stock and Two Smoking Whiskeys'

Season 1, Ep. 1

To kick off their international beer pilgrimage, Paddy and Rory travel to the most northerly city in the UK: Inverness. Perhaps the people of the Highlands, who for hundreds of years have been on a mysterious search of their own can assist our pair in their quest for an indescribable feeling...

Supported by Penta Hotels

Written and Hosted by: Paddy Delaney and Rory Marshall

Sound and Editing by: Sam Parkinson and Johnny White

Music by: Jack Kaye and Elbe Koe

Music Mixed by: Kristian Smith

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  • 5. 005: Bremen 'Shall We Stop Trying to Name The Podcast While Recording The Podcast?'

    For their fifth and final adventure of the series, our beer loving rascals hopped across the North Sea to the German city of Bremen! Paddy and Rory were lucky enough to be some of the very first guests at the brand spanking new Penta Hotel and they celebrated by drinking every last drop of beer in the building and possibly the city. Hear what they got up to as they skipped along the banks of the river Weser sampling authentic German cuisine, authentic German beer and authentic German banter. 
  • 4. 004: Ipswich - 'A Thousand Pints a Minute'

    Our heroes set their sights on somewhere a little closer to home... or, their home anyway (we have a very international listenership!). Rory and Paddy drove to the Penta Ipswich to see what the port town in East Anglia has to offer. Coastal landscapes, a thriving food scene and historic architecture... these are all things we would have been focussing on had we not been distracted by the big frothy pints of ale. Suffolk is also blessed with wonderful people: Josh at Penta was kind enough to talk us through what is so special about the area, and we also ventured into the nearby towns, catching up with Dan, the head brewer of Suffolk's most iconic brewery Adnams. Please do leave us a review if you like what you hear!
  • 3. 003: Brussels - 'It's More of a Movement'

    For their next adventure Paddy and Rory head to the Penta Hotel in Brussels in search of something a little different. The Belgian capital is a city known, not just for it's little statues of people urinating but also for its unnervingly strong beer. Can they handle it? Find out as our low ABV lager enthusiasts hop around the city drinking beers, playing chess and get irritated when seeing people lining up in single file at the bar.Supported by Penta HotelsWritten and Presented by: Paddy Delaney and Rory MarshallEdited by: Sam ParkinsonSound Mixed by: Johnny WhiteMusic by: Jack Kaye and Elbe KoeMusic Mixed by: Kristian Smith
  • 2. 002: Prague - 'Whilst in Prague'

    Fuelled by nothing but lager and ice cream sundaes, Rory and Paddy continue their travels to the Penta Hotel in Prague. They take in the sights, sounds and suds of the extraordinarily beautiful city that many consider to be the beer capital of the world. Our crusaders are also lucky enough to talk to writer and New York Times beer expert, Evan Rail, whose knowledge and passion for the subject makes Rory and Paddy want to dive head first into a tub full of beer… which they actually do!Supported by Penta HotelsWritten and Hosted by: Paddy Delaney and Rory MarshallSound and Editing by: Johnny WhiteMusic by: Jack Kaye and Elbe KoeMusic Mixed by: Kristian Smith