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Resources for Dealing With the Emotional Impacts of a Childhood Cancer Diagnosis

Season 1, Ep. 12

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, so The UpBeat is spending this month interviewing guests who’ve experienced its impact.

In this week’s episode of The UpBeat Podcast powered by CoachArt, our co-hosts Greg and Roxanne are joined by Kumiko, a CoachArt parent whose son Kazuma was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. Kazuma and Kumiko both experienced a common side effect of childhood chronic illness that isn’t discussed enough — they both struggled with depression.

Kumiko found support, advice and an empathetic community in Momcology , which proved to be her greatest resource. The national non-profit organization provides wide-ranging support for families impacted by cancer and helps families assist other families experiencing the same issues. They offer lots of good help online, including a Facebook message board that both Kumiko and Roxanne used extensively during, and even after, their children’s treatment.

Another point of emphasis from Kumiko was the importance of understanding that you’re not alone and there is help out there. To learn of other resources for families that are dealing with the emotional impacts of a childhood cancer diagnosis, read the full blog post here.

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