The Shit Show Of My Twenties


Going Bankrupt In His Twenties, Rebuilding And Making Millions With Edwin Carrion

Today I am joined by Edwin Carrion. Edwin Carrion is a God-made millionaire, family-oriented, investor, and mentor. Throughout his run, he has founded several multimillion-dollar companies that specialize in real estate development, transportation and logistics, investment, and business education and consulting.

Backed by 20 years of extensive experience in various industries, Edwin Carrion now shares his passion for entrepreneurship by mentoring others, since he realized most people don’t live a fulfilled life.  Simply because people believe success comes at the cost of poor family life, unbalanced life, or compromising their values to achieve success.  Edwin guides people in the path to living life to the fullest, by having balance in all areas.  

We talk about what inspired him to go to the marines, going bankrupt in his 20s, millionaire mindset, and what he looks for in businesses.

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How To Get Out Of The Red Zone With Elizabeth Lombardo

Today I am joined by Elizabeth Lombardo. Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. is a Licensed Practicing Psychologist with an MS in Physical Therapy and a Ph.D. in psychology who combines research findings, real-life stories, and humor to provide actionable tips that individuals can benefit from immediately.Considered Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head coach for Happiness,” Lombardo is on a mission to free people from the stress of perfectionism caused by their own inner critics. She is considered the country's most widely interviewed celebrity psychologist, with hundreds of radio and TV appearances on shows like Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, CNN, Fox Business News, and others, and she has been quoted in media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Forbes, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Her own articles can frequently be found in SUCCESS, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens, and other publications.Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo has the best tips in her new book "GET OUT OF THE RED ZONE". It is the book you need to help and guide you to destress and focus on things that will make you truly successful. The "GET OUT OF THE RED ZONE" book has everything you need and more to have the right frame of mind to overcome all of life's challenges. We talk about when you need a psychologist, what is the red zone, and how to get out of the red zone.To connect with Elizabeth