The Shit Show Of My Twenties


Hormone Unbalances, Birth Control, And Cycle Syncing With Christa Elza

Today I am joined by Christa Elza. Christa graduated with Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2000. She was immediately drawn to Emergency Medicine and was a trauma nurse for 8 years. She was able to experience working in this field in hospitals around the country including New York City and Norfolk, Virginia.Christa earned her Masters Degree in Nursing from Texas State University in 2018 and is a board certified nurse practitioner in Family Practice Medicine. She was the sole practitioner in a clinic specializing in weight loss, hormone balance, and aesthetics. During this time she realized the tool box of what she could offer for health solutions was too limited for how she wanted to serve her patients. She wanted a better way to help women achieve lasting health results. With that vision in mind, Christa began her journey with the School of Applied Functional Medicine, learning the root cause approach to personalized healthcare.In August of 2020, Christa launched her virtual health practice, Elive Health, and is now able to provide help to women around the country via webcam. As a functional-medicine expert, she specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of fatigue, hormone balance, thyroid issues, digestive issues, and more. Christa uses breakthrough diagnostic testing that’s rarely done in conventional settings to uncover the hidden causes of why women feel the way they feel. In her free time you can find Christa spending time with her husband of 17 years, Jon, their 3 boys, + her golden retriever, Tori. She is now living in the San Antonio, TX area and loves being outdoors, skiing, traveling, hanging out poolside, + spending time with friends. We talk about how to tell something is off with our hormones, birth control, and maximizing our health in our 20s.To connect with Christa

How To Get Out Of The Red Zone With Elizabeth Lombardo

Today I am joined by Elizabeth Lombardo. Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. is a Licensed Practicing Psychologist with an MS in Physical Therapy and a Ph.D. in psychology who combines research findings, real-life stories, and humor to provide actionable tips that individuals can benefit from immediately.Considered Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head coach for Happiness,” Lombardo is on a mission to free people from the stress of perfectionism caused by their own inner critics. She is considered the country's most widely interviewed celebrity psychologist, with hundreds of radio and TV appearances on shows like Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, CNN, Fox Business News, and others, and she has been quoted in media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Forbes, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Her own articles can frequently be found in SUCCESS, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens, and other publications.Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo has the best tips in her new book "GET OUT OF THE RED ZONE". It is the book you need to help and guide you to destress and focus on things that will make you truly successful. The "GET OUT OF THE RED ZONE" book has everything you need and more to have the right frame of mind to overcome all of life's challenges. We talk about when you need a psychologist, what is the red zone, and how to get out of the red zone.To connect with Elizabeth

Falling Down Getting Back Up With Michael Harris

Today I am joined by Michael Harris. Michael is an author, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and co-founder of Endless Stages. His first entrepreneurial gig was selling blackberry pies door to door when he was six. Over the years, he has dabbled (more like dived) into photography, real estate, option trading, coaching and yoga. One of his specialties is helping anyone move from fear of speaking in front of others to powerfully sharing their message in front of any size group or audience. He is grateful that he has been able to take my personal challenges and help others find what inspires them.For years he has struggled with health issues, addictions and low self-esteem. Then one day he had had enough and became willing to make a change. It wasn’t easy. He had to stop dreaming about what I wanted - and begin to take massive action by applying the Law of GOYA. Many of his friends and colleagues urged him to use his metamorphosis to inspire others. At one point, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) reminded him that “your mess is your message.” He went on to join him book launch of his #1 bestselling book, "Falling Down Getting UP.” He is blessed to have Rick Frishman and David Hancock (Morgan James Publishing) be his publishers. He has owned (or partnered) in several successful yoga studios - and coached other studio owners around the world on attracting and enrolling new students - while increasing revenue and profits (over $40 million in sales). In addition, he has helped train and certify about 7,000 yoga teachers to get untwisted and speak in small and large groups. Previously, he hosted my his successful podcast "Falling Up Secrets", which featured guests such as the World Renowned Les Brown, the Legendary Composer & Producer Thomas Bähler, sought after Pain Specialist Dr. David Clark and many others. This podcast had about 1,000 views / downloads a day. As a result of coaching, podcasting, speaking and teaching yoga, he realized how important (especially in today’s world) it is to encourage, nudge and prod others to dive deep within and open up to talk about their experiences to anyone that is willing to listen. We talk about his near death experience, his faith, going against medical advice, and what he learned from Les Brown.To connect with Michael