The Shit Show Of My Twenties


Documenting Your Journey On Tiktok With Amanda Buhs

Today I am joined by Amanda Buhs. Amanda Buhs is a 24 year old multi-award nominated actress and social media influencer. She has a full resume of feature film, short film, commercial, and tv show credits, and uses this to help advise and inspire her young followers with similar aspirations. She was named one of the “top influencers” in the LA Note Magazine’s Top Innovators of 2021. She has been nominated for a Hollywood Young Artist Award 3 times, and a Midwest Eclipse Acting Award twice. Amanda uses her social media to bring her followers “behind the scenes” in the life of an actor on auditions, on set, and dealing with rejection, competition, and other hardships actors face. With her motto of “inspiring to aspire”, her main goal is to show fellow under-dogs that all of our dreams are possible with dedication and perseverance.

We talk about what inspired her to become a actress, rejection, and documenting her journey on Tiktok.

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How To Know Your Hormones Are Off With Megan Bliss

Today I am joined by Megan Bliss. Megan Bliss is your partner in health. Megan Bliss is a private high-level health consultant based in Utah. She works with stay-at home moms, athletes, as well as busy professional working mamas like herself.As an integrative medicine practitioner and board-certified family nurse practitioner, Megan brings nearly 20 years of experience working in the health industry virtually to those that need it. For those who are in the state of Utah, she is able to guide them through her programs as a Licensed Nurse Practitioner in her Live Bliss Health, LLC practice. As a functionally trained health practitioner , Megan is now able to serve clients all over the country (and world) using her innovative Handle Your Hormones programs in either group or 1:1 format. This is for those who are passionate about becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves as a hormone/health consultant using processes that have worked for hundreds of clients all over the world. Megan's passion is not only helping women stuck in hormonal chaos, but also helping health-conscious people take their health to the next level. She wants her clients to have a deeper understanding of  their body and its unique individual needs. Megan does a deep dive into her clients history and then uses testing to determine what her client needs to feel, look and perform their best.  To connect with Megan