The Shit Show Of My Twenties


Healing Body Image With Cliona Byrne

Today I am joined by Cliona Byrne. Cliona is a Body Confidence Coach. She helps people from around the work to accept and love their bodies. She has designed her own specialized coaching programs to work with adults, parents, and teens. 

We talk about her journey loving her body, how to turn off our inner critic, and what we don't realize about our body image.

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    Today I am joined by Nico Verresen. Nico Verresen is a renowned peak mindset coach with a scientifically-backed approach to unleashing your ultimate potential. With a background as a former elite-level athlete, Nico has undergone world-class training in both the body and mind, making their approach highly effective and unique.Nico holds a Masters's degree in psychology and previously worked as an assistant professor and quality of life researcher at the Free University of Brussels before fully focusing on their Martial Arts career.Using the hypnosis practices and mindset strategies of world-class athletes, Nico trains high-performers in both business and sports to turn their stress, setbacks, and intense conflicts into a competitive advantage. Nico's proven approach has prepared four world champions in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and FIA World Cup Race Car Driving, and continues to work with other exceptional individuals.Nico's clients have been featured on top media outlets such as BBC, ESPN, Eurosport, Nasdaq, Forbes, and Inc., attesting to the effectiveness of Nico's approach. To connect with Nico
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    Today I am joined by Megan Bliss. Megan Bliss is your partner in health. Megan Bliss is a private high-level health consultant based in Utah. She works with stay-at home moms, athletes, as well as busy professional working mamas like herself.As an integrative medicine practitioner and board-certified family nurse practitioner, Megan brings nearly 20 years of experience working in the health industry virtually to those that need it. For those who are in the state of Utah, she is able to guide them through her programs as a Licensed Nurse Practitioner in her Live Bliss Health, LLC practice. As a functionally trained health practitioner , Megan is now able to serve clients all over the country (and world) using her innovative Handle Your Hormones programs in either group or 1:1 format. This is for those who are passionate about becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves as a hormone/health consultant using processes that have worked for hundreds of clients all over the world. Megan's passion is not only helping women stuck in hormonal chaos, but also helping health-conscious people take their health to the next level. She wants her clients to have a deeper understanding of  their body and its unique individual needs. Megan does a deep dive into her clients history and then uses testing to determine what her client needs to feel, look and perform their best.  To connect with Megan
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    Today I am joined by Jason Fladlien. Jason’s start in business was as a rapping Hare Krsna monk. For real! In fact it was his inability to sell records that turned him onto online marketing, where Jason made his first sale in 2007 with a $4 ebook. From there, Jason went into product creation mode, publishing dozens of products over the next year. His big break came though when he got into webinars. By 2009, Jason started perfecting a webinar formula that would turn him into the all time, top webinar seller and trainer on the planet. Jason’s company, Rapid Crush, has been on the leading edge of software, info products, Amazon, eCommerce, affiliate marketing and crypto. Jason’s mission is to find the best things to help the most customers and then use ethical marketing to connect great people to great solutions.To connect with Jason
  • Psychedelics, Energetic Hygiene, And Money Blocks With Bijou Finney

    Today I am joined by Bijou Finney. Bijou is a Brand Stylist™, psychonaut and holistic guide specializing in visionary life design for conscious entrepreneurs. Her therapeutic process teaches business owners how to use psychedelics and healing practices retrain their nervous systems  and clear limiting mental blocks. She is an integration alchemist that offers transformational retreat experiences and 1-on-1 virtual coaching.We talk about how she got into psychedelics, energetic hygiene, and money blocks.To connect with Bijou https://www.storyxstyle.com