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  • From Bankruptcy To 8 Figures: The Guide to Financial Freedom Through Investing With Tay Sweat

    In this episode, we dive into the remarkable journey of Tay Sweat, an 8-figure millionaire, business innovator, and investor. From launching successful businesses with minimal funding to conquering the stock market, Tay shares insights on timeless principles and forward-thinking strategies. With over 12 years of experience, he's committed to helping others achieve financial freedom. Join us for a captivating conversation with Tay Sweat as we explore the path from bankruptcy to financial success.To connect with Tay

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  • The Shit Show Date | Episode 3: Heel Havoc - When a Stranger Throws Heels at Par's Date

    Join Par, a resilient single mom, as she faces the unpredictable world of dating. The night takes an unexpected turn when a stranger throws heels at her date, adding chaos to the mix. Amidst the heel havoc, Par shares her experiences with catfishing in online dating, highlighting the digital twists in her journey. This episode promises laughs, surprises, and a glimpse into the challenges of modern dating. Get ready for a short and sweet dose of dating mayhem in "Heel Havoc" on "The Shit Show Date.
  • Unlocking Your Body's Potential: A Journey to Mobility with Greg Stern

    Join the chaos of the 'Shit Show of My Twenties' podcast as our guest Greg Stern, owner of From the Ground Up Physiotherapy, dives into the wild world of mobility. Discover how movement isn't just about recovery but a journey of self-discovery. Greg's unique approach unravels the complexities of pain, turning injuries into opportunities for growth and tapping into untapped potential. Get ready for a rollercoaster of insights on thriving through your twenties with Greg Stern!
  • The Shit Show Date | Episode 2: Meeting the In-Laws on the First Date

    In this installment, follow the escapades of our daring dater, Em, as they dive headfirst into the chaos of a first date with unexpected hurdles. The date takes an unexpected turn when Em and their date find themselves stranded on the side of the road due to a car breakdown. The plot thickens when Em discovers their date is still cohabitating with an ex. Adding spice to the mix, a bout of bad indigestion throws a wrench into plans, turning the day into a digestive disaster. As if that wasn't enough, Em faces the ultimate challenge of meeting the in-laws on the very first date! Join Em for a sidesplitting rollercoaster of misadventures, discomfort, and unforeseen twists in this episode of "The Shit Show Date."
  • Navigating Love with Jordan Candlish - How to Get Your Man to Open Up and Dating High Achievers

    In today's episode, we're joined by the distinguished master coach, Jordan Candlish—a global ambassador for men's empowerment with an incredible track record of over 100 million views and countless individual success stories.Dive into the world of emotional intimacy as we explore the art of getting your man to open up and unravel the complexities of dating high-achieving men. Jordan, a former semi-pro athlete, speaker, and performance coach, brings a wealth of experience to the table.At the heart of our discussion is 'THE PATH,' a worldwide movement pioneered by Jordan that seeks to elevate consciousness, purpose, and outcomes for men. With a proven track record, Jordan is set to guide us through the intricacies of fostering genuine connections and navigating relationships with high-achieving men.Discover practical tips, valuable insights, and transformative conversations that could reshape your understanding of love, communication, and personal growth. Join me, as I host this enlightening episode with the incomparable Jordan Candlish on The Shit Show Of My Twenties.
  • The Shit Show Date | Episode 1: The Pretend Doctor With Annie

    Hold on tight as "The Shit Show Date" kicks off with Annie's unforgettable encounter with a self-proclaimed "Pretend Doctor." Brace yourself for a comical journey through fake medical expertise, and a twist that'll leave you questioning reality. Tune in for a wild ride through the chaos of dating mishaps and unexpected hilarity!To follow the podcast
  • Treating Your Brain Like It's Chat GPT With James Brackin

    In this episode of "The Shit Show of My Twenties Podcast," we feature James Brackin, host of the "Top 1% Podcast" and "The You Can Too Podcast," as well as a personal coach specializing in overcoming self-sabotage. James shares his journey in podcasting, highlighting the impact of featuring top influencers and focusing on personal development. As a personal coach, he emphasizes the importance of self-investment for growth. James also delves into the power of asking oneself better questions to drive positive change. The episode wraps up with insights on elevating life through mindset, resilience, and continuous learning. Tune in for a brief yet impactful exploration of unleashing your potential with James Brackin.To connect with James follow The Shit Show Of My Twenties IG