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Is SIBO real with Dr Allison Siebecker | Ep. 101

Season 3, Ep. 101

Rebecca is joined by Dr Allison Siebecker to answer the big question: is SIBO real? Dr Siebecker is passionate about improving practitioner and patient education and shares her exciting news about her brand new programs as well as the news that hydrogen sulphide SIBO testing is now available in the US. 


  • Is SIBO real?
  • What can you do if your doctor does not believe in SIBO or want to test you for it? 
  • How can we educate our doctor or practitioner about SIBO?
  • What is Dr Allison Siebecker’s new courses for patients and practitioners?
  • How can you now get tested for hydrogen sulphide SIBO?
  • What are the newest research projects from Dr Pimentel and his research group?


SIBO Practitioner Course by Dr Allison Siebecker

SIBO Patient Course by Dr Allison Siebecker

Trio-Smart Breath Test for Hydrogen Sulphide SIBO 

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