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Groove Armada, From Music to Revolutionising the Food industry

Season 7, Ep. 91

“If you are worried about biodiversity or climate change, the single greatest point of agency you have is your food choices, and by deciding to buy this pizza rather than that pizza you have changed the game and you are part of the solution“

Most of you might know Andy Cato as one of the duo, Groove Armada, the English electronic music band. Which achieved chart success with their singles "At the River", "I See You Baby" and "Superstylin'". Having released eight studio albums, four of which were charted in the UK Albums Charts Top 50.

However, the other side of Andy, when he’s not traveling the world on tour, is a mixed arable and livestock farmer and co-founder of Wildfarmed

“Once you have seen this stuff you can’t unsee it.”

17 years ago, at the age of 33, on his way back from a gig, Andy was reading an article about agriculture and climate change, and like most people he hadn’t made the link between climate change and how we grow our food. 

This article became the catalyst for Andy to make a change! 

Today Andy, is the first Englishman to be awarded the Chevalier L’Order Mérite de Agricole - the equivalent of a knighthood for services to agriculture. His unique Wildfarmed method brings the concept of rewilding to farming, combining the best of nature with modern technology to create thriving ecosystems and diverse, healthy soils.

Now, Andy is on a mission to take what he’s learned and help other farmers adopt his Wildfarmed system so they can too can work towards restoring biodiversity and producing delicious food. 

How does Andy balance his fame and music career with being an award winning agriculturalist? What was life in the music industry like in those early years, how did he get into it? These are some of the questions we ask Andy and many more, diving deep into his farming journey. It was particularly special being able to record this episode on his farm.


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