The Happy Pear Podcast


Great sex for life!

Season 7, Ep. 2
Let's talk SEX!The taboos, intimacy, pornography, vulnerability, communication, monogamy, infidelity, pleasure, orgasms, erectile dysfunction and so much more...How can we fit so much into one episode you might wonder? Well, we did it again, we decided to make life easier for you by taking the best nuggets from our series on Sex, Pleasure and Relationships and we put it into one bite-sized episode for you!This topic is fascinating! We all do it and yet we seem to only talk about it publicly when it comes to fertility. Despite the fact that "90% of sex is for pleasure" - Dan SavageSo why is this? Why can't we have good honest conversations without feeling the need to crack a joke or only talk top-level stuff?And yet according to the Huffington Post, more people watch porn than they do Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu combined.With this kind of stats, you'd think we would be talking about sex all the time.In this episode, we explore this lack of communication, we gain some great advice on how to improve our own sex lives, have orgasms, reduce erectile dysfunction and so much more...A winning episode. Enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave & Steve xWe would love to hear your feedback! Write to us at and we will read out selects in the intro of each episode.Checkout Vivobarefoot Footwear and avail of 20% discount when you enter the code HAPPYPEAR20- Genuinely the only shoes you will see Dave & Steve wearing!Produced by Sara Fawsitt

The cheapest way to live to 100?

Season 7, Ep. 1
Welcome to this week's episode! You are in for a treat… we have done the work for you this week by taking some of the BEST bits from our community series and distilling them into one clear message!Utopia is achievable! You better believe it!This episode is packed with so much amazing information. It will leave you in deep thought - the good kind!Community has been the backbone of our lives and our business. We would not have succeeded without it. Investing in true friendships that nurture our souls, encourage us to be better versions of ourselves and be true to ourselves has always been important to us. We would not be the people we are today or have succeeded in anyway without our community.So we decide to dig deeper and invite guest speakers to our podcast who virtually specialise on the topic.However, what we didn’t expect is how much we would learn. We were amazed by our guests who took us on a much deeper journey than we expected, from explorers who have emersed themselves in indigenous tribes, searched far and wide for the longest living and healthiest people, mother earth herself imparting her wisdom, trailblazers who have taken action and created their own localised community… to journalists and the importance of talking to strangers!A fascinating subject we will forever be exploring. We hope you find this episode enlightening and with a yearning to learn more.Lots of Love,Dave & SteveProduced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

How modern moving is ageing us - with Katy Bowman

Season 6, Ep. 30
“Movement is a giant circle of a diagram, it’s any time you change the shape of your body or even the tissues within your body. Exercise is a specific type of movement… you do it to a mode, or a specific time frame… I am just trying to get people to think differently as we are so sedentary culturally that to exercise every day seems like a tone of movement… but we really require a tremendous amount more than just 1 hour a day and it really needs to be distributed better throughout the day.”Why you might ask is this necessary?To be able to use our bodies in the future! To be physically fit enough to be able to do the tasks we do now in the future. “You have to water your garden so it continues to produce”, by continuously moving in different dynamic ways throughout the day “you nourish your tissues”.This week we had the pleasure of speaking to bio-mechanist Katy Bowman, bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement. Katy is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement.Katy’s eight books, include the groundbreaking Move Your DNA, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and human movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. She has worked with companies like Patagonia, Nike, and Google as well as a wide range of non-profits and other communities, sharing her “move more, move more body parts, move more for what you need” message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family.And to honour this weeks guest, Vivo have granted our listeners a 20% discount on their footwear! 25% of our muscles are from our ankles down, there are more nerve endings per square centimeter in the foot than any other part of the body, and yet we bind them and put a thick sole under them so they feel nothing.Vivo footwear is part of the solution! Designed wide to provide natural stability, thin to enable you to feel more, and flexible to help you build your natural strength from the ground up. Studies show that foot strength increases by 60% in a matter of months just by walking around in them.We have been wearing Vivo’s for the last 5 years when we first discovered the importance of foot strength and flexibility! We highly recommend Vivo’s and if you try them and don’t like them, they have a100-day free trail so you can return them and get your money back!Simply go to their website and type in the discount code HAPPYPEAR20 to avail of your 20% discount!Enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave and SteveTo learn more about Katy and her work check out her website: Vivo Footwear and avail of 20% discount when you enter the code HAPPYPEAR20Genuinely the only shoes you will see Dave & Steve wearing!

Supermodels, business and finding your true self with Elle Macpherson

Season 6, Ep. 29
This week’s guest needs no real introduction, we were delighted to have Australian supermodel, businesswoman, tv host, actress and our friend, Elle Macpherson on the podcast!“I was pretty much paid to be whatever they wanted to be, and I was really good at it, but striving to be excellent in my job it distanced me from the capacity to get to know myself, dissociation of who I am and who I was supposed to be… as I have matured I have come to realise that the real joy in life is this authentic way of being which is - what I think what I feel what I do - being all aligned.”Eleanor Nancy Macpherson, is possibly best known for her record breaking front cover appearance on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the 1980s, leading to her nickname "The Body”. Having carved out a modelling, TV and acting career, Elle is now also at the forefront of the wellbeing industry with her natural health brand, Welleco.Elle came to stay with us for a couple of days, being a fellow vegan and lover dips in the sea, chats, walks and movement, needless to say we had a wonderful time.An excellent conversationalist we were fascinated listening to all her stories and nuggets of wisdom. Now nearly 60 it is safe to say she has lived many lives! From substance abuse, divorces, too discovering her true self. She is an inspiring, intelligent, charming and insightful person - this is a great episode that will make you reflect and hopefully get you motivated!Enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave & SteveTo learn more about Elle and her work visit: by Sean Cahill and Sara Fawsitt

Psychological Safety and it effects your personal and professional life with Justin Caffrey

Season 6, Ep. 28
“Psychologically safe teams is where everybody feels okay to speak up… sometimes the greatest ideas will come from the quietest voices.”This week we had the pleasure to sit with our friend, confident and one of Europe's leading minds in resilience, leadership, business strategy, psychological safety and practical neuroscience - Justin Caffrey!“When people negotiate, everyone wants to win… most people struggle when it’s quiet, when there’s a void someone will fill it… so if you are able to go in calm, conscious of your breath and slowing down… you create this void and the other person filling the void will impart information that often results in you winning the negotiation…”Justin has taught and coached global talent for over twenty-five years, building and selling million-dollar businesses. His popular YouTube channel has had over 1 million views teaching his techniques.Holding a Master's in Psychological Interventions using Neuroscience and Mindfulness from University College Dublin. Justin is also trained as a Psychotherapeutic Coach, an Accredited Wellness coach from the Mayo Institute and is a Certified Investment Fund Director. Not to mention he is one of only a handful of Westerners to complete the grueling Masters Training with the Yamabushi in the remote mountains of Shonai in Japan!In 2010, at the peak of his career as a dynamic CEO having founded multiple investment firms, Justin’s son Joshua died - just before his first birthday. Business carried on as normal until 2014, when Justin had what turned out to be a panic attack in the middle of a crucial meeting. He had failed to grieve his son’s death.In the year that followed his life and health started to unravel. The cause was not Joshua’s death, but the trigger. The CEO had lacked the psychological safety to speak about his emotions and vulnerabilities, no matter the situation.It would be 2016 before Justin started talking about his vulnerabilities publicly. Fearing it would be a career-ending moment, Justin spoke about the psychological vulnerability he encountered after his son's death and the constant barrage of negative self-talk. Awaiting judgement, he received only praise and gratitude. Colleagues, clients, and strangers all found something within his words.Justin is a skilled storyteller narrating his professional and personal journey in a way that everyone from boardroom to kitchen tables can relate to . We all have difficult events in life, he shares how losing his son at the peak of his city career, was ultimately a blessing, and how we can all turn around any challenges we face in life.Despite the tragedy of his son’s death, this episode will leave you feeling hopeful, broaden your awareness of what it truly means to feel safe in your personal and work environment, and of course for any founders, leaders and CEO’s out there, how to get the best out of your employees!Enjoy!Lots of love,Dave and SteveTo find out more about Justin and his work visit his site: by Sean Cahill and Sara Fawsitt

Is your Breathing holding you back? With Patrick McKeown

Season 6, Ep. 26
“How many people - youngsters going in to do exams, people going to do a public talk…- respond to these stressful situation with hyperventilation, respond with fast, harder breathing, with mouth breathing and with irregular breathing… what is that telling the brain? That it is under threat!”You could say our breathwork journey started 20 years ago when we began yoga, however we only really began to understand the vast and sheer importance of it in the last few years.When we first discover Patrick Mckeown and his work we knew we had to get him on the podcast! This episode is our second attempt at recording with Patrick, our unfortunately ended in technical issues… or was it unfortunate? What was originally planned to be a remote recording resulted in Patrick driving down to us, spending the afternoon with us, having lunch and recording in person. Thank you technology for not always working!Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading experts on breathing and sleep.Over the last 20 years, he has coached thousands of people to breathe better, to improve their health, mental focus, and sports performance. He has authored bestselling books including Asthma Free Naturally, Close Your Mouth, The Oxygen Advantage and The Breathing Cure, and his research is published in journals including the Journal of Clinical Medicine. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in the UK for his contribution to the fields of breathing and sleep medicine.Patrick is founder of Buteyko Clinic International, the largest Buteyko Breathing Clinic in the world. In 2014, he created his own science-backed breathwork training program, Oxygen Advantage®, which continues to develop in line with his clinical experience as a breathing coach, and with the latest scientific research. He has trained thousands of breathing instructors in both methods.We could have spoken for hours. Patrick’s knowledge on breath is (pardon the pun)“breathtaking”! From his back story of overcoming asthma to his extensive knowledge on how breathing affects your anatomy, how you sleep, anxiety, stress, your health and so much more…A great episode! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.Patrick has also kindly offered 50% off for anyone who uses the promo code HAPPYPEAR50 on either of his books: of love,Dave and SteveTo find out more about Patrick and his work check out: and www.oxygenadvantage.comProduced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

Soil - Our food system's superpower? With Charles Dowding

Season 6, Ep. 25
Would you eat veg with soil on it? But what if it was potentially healthier for you and the planet?According to the UN’s FAO, over 90% of the Earth’s soil could be degraded by 2050. There are several reasons but “conventional farming” that uses chemicals (e.g. pesticides), machinery and other modern techniques is potentially adding to the problem.So what’s the solution? Is organic farming (using no pesticides) enough?Charles Dowding, this week’s podcast guest, is an unsung hero of progressive farming. An author, YouTuber and NO DIG pioneer, Charles started his experimentation with NO DIG back in 1982 and the results were amazing. From the wonderful harvest and reduction in weeds; to the improvement in retention of health within the food he grew, Charles realised he had hit on something special!Since then Charles has been sharing his findings about the benefits of NO DIG and the movement is catching on!Within our own 4-acre farm we also practice the method of NO DIG: we are new to farming in this capacity and so far we are getting so much joy from it.“Through my experience, I’ve become more and more aware of how soil works, through not working it! I’ve increased my understanding of biodiversity and the need to keep carbon in the soil. Digging, and any form of soil exposure, releases CO2 into the atmosphere. No dig keeps carbon locked in the soil, and carbon in many forms is the building block of soil structure and food.”We absolutely loved this episode. We hope you dig it, too!Lots of Love,Dave & SteveTo find out more about Charles and the NO DIG movement visit his site: By Sean Cahill and Sara Fawsitt