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Series 2, Episode 5 • What If It's Not Murder?

Season 2, Ep. 5

This episode opens up by looking closely at some of the evidence that was heard at court and considering in detail why the police formed the view that this was a murder planned to look like suicide. In order to examine this, the police officer that led the investigation is asked to explain this theory. 

We carefully consider the nature of all of Sana’s injuries, how they occurred and how they were recorded by the pathologist. In addition, we consider the new research that has been done worldwide about suicides by sharp force instruments.

We ask again, did Mindy really turn up at the scene with a full forensic suit and with two pairs of gloves, which the police say she wore during the frenzied knife attack on Sana. Even the highly experienced forensic pathologist Professor Di Vella, did not believe that Mindy had carried out such an attack in a full forensic suit.

All the evidence is pulled together to allow you, the listener, to decide if you agree that Mindy brought with her and wore a full forensic suit or if his is a fanciful theory dreamt up by the Police to try to explain the murder charge.

We examine and consider what evidence the police had to prove that the knife, which was left at the scene alongside Sana, was actually owned by Mindy, who the police claim was highly skilled and very forensically aware.

I question the senior investigating police officer over the issues regarding the homicide theory, as opposed to the suicide reports that originally came in.

Mark: Could it be this, and the one thing I always come back to, is that when it looks like it’s something it probably is 


Senior Investigating Police Officer: If it looks like a duck and it quacks then it probably is a duck 


Mark: If it looks like suicide, the knife laying there beside them, it probably is suicide 


Senior Investigating Police Officer: Well that’s your theory

We consider reports from Muslim mental health professionals about the deep-rooted stigma around suicide in Islam and how Dr Hendin describes suicide as self-punishment.

The reveal of this episode is the new evidence uncovered, with two reconstructions, that are available to view on out website,, showing the significant failings of the initial pathologists’ evidence.

And ultimately this episode ends the run of Series 2, that is for now, by asking you to consider all the evidence from both sides and decide one of the following: That Mindy is a very dangerous killer, or that Sana’s death was a tragic suicide leading to a Miscarriage of Justice.

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We set the scene on the horrific and brutal murder of 17-year-old, Sana Ali who was 11 weeks pregnant. The attack on Friday 10 May 2007 resulted in over 40 separate knife wounds, described as ‘sustained and ferocious’, and occurred at the home of her husband’s parents in Bury on the outskirts of Manchester, England.Sana’s husband, playboy businessman Sair Ali had been having a long-term affair withHarmohinderSanghera, also known as Mindy.On that fateful day Mindy drove from her home in Solihull, West Midlands to confront Sana about her husbands illicit affair but to tell also her it was all over.After a trial in November 2007Mindy, a dentistry student was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 14 years, for the murder of Sana Ali.Mindy has always maintained her innocence and this podcast will take you through a very careful and thorough forensic re-investigation of all the evidence from both the prosecution and the defence.We hear from Mindy as she describes her visit to Sana.You, the listener will be asked to consider if Mindy is a cold-blooded killer or if she is the result of a flawed police investigation, resulting in a tragic miscarriage of justice.In the opening episode we will explore the following:·Mindy as a person, and her family's fight for what they believe is a miscarriage of justice·Background to Mindy’s affair with Sair·The initial police investigation·Mindy’s own account of what happened when she visited SanaTEASE – Next week·We hear from the police officer that lead the police investigation·Hear the initial 999 emergency call·Mindy’s best friend describes her conversations with Mindy on the day of the murder·We begin to piece together the timeline of Mindy’s movements