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Series 2, Episode 4 • What If It's Not Murder?

Season 2, Ep. 4

By this stage of the investigation you should now have reached one of the following conclusions:

1)    That the evidence stacks up - as per the prosecution case and Mindy was correctly convicted, or

2)    That you have some concerns about the evidence, but not enough to feel that Mindy is the subject of a miscarriage of justice, or 

3)    That you have serious concerns about the evidence that convicted Mindy and like her family and friends believe that Mindy’s conviction is unsafe.

The police’s theory was that Mindy travelled to see Sana with the intention of killing her and making it look like suicide. 

In this episode we explore this theory to see if it stands up to scrutiny or if any other evidence exists that could cast it in serious doubt.  

We also consider the belief held by the police that Mindy attended the house and put on a full forensic suit without being noticed, that Sana was fully compliant whilst she did this and made no attempt to leave the bedroom.

Mindy’s timeline and recollection of events also come under close scrutiny. We piece together her movements by using CCTV footage and mobile phone data to see if her account is accurate. We also consider how she behaved before going into the house to see Sana and immediately afterwards. Was Mindy telling the truth about how she left the house or does evidence exist that shows she must have left via the kitchen window?

We hear vital evidence from Sana’s close friends and relatives about Sana’s state of mind, which shows just how low and unhappy she was.

This episode highlights the failings of another case, an unsolved murder in which the pathologist‘s findings were clearly wrong.

We also hear from an Italian forensic pathologist, Professor Di Vella, about a very similar case.

TEASE next week 

·      Challenge the police officer in charge of the case over some of her theories

·      Try to track down Sair 

·      Hear more about the impact the case had and continues to have on the family.

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Series 2, Episode 1 • What If It's Not Murder?

Season 2, Ep. 1
We set the scene on the horrific and brutal murder of 17-year-old, Sana Ali who was 11 weeks pregnant. The attack on Friday 10 May 2007 resulted in over 40 separate knife wounds, described as ‘sustained and ferocious’, and occurred at the home of her husband’s parents in Bury on the outskirts of Manchester, England.Sana’s husband, playboy businessman Sair Ali had been having a long-term affair withHarmohinderSanghera, also known as Mindy.On that fateful day Mindy drove from her home in Solihull, West Midlands to confront Sana about her husbands illicit affair but to tell also her it was all over.After a trial in November 2007Mindy, a dentistry student was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 14 years, for the murder of Sana Ali.Mindy has always maintained her innocence and this podcast will take you through a very careful and thorough forensic re-investigation of all the evidence from both the prosecution and the defence.We hear from Mindy as she describes her visit to Sana.You, the listener will be asked to consider if Mindy is a cold-blooded killer or if she is the result of a flawed police investigation, resulting in a tragic miscarriage of justice.In the opening episode we will explore the following:·Mindy as a person, and her family's fight for what they believe is a miscarriage of justice·Background to Mindy’s affair with Sair·The initial police investigation·Mindy’s own account of what happened when she visited SanaTEASE – Next week·We hear from the police officer that lead the police investigation·Hear the initial 999 emergency call·Mindy’s best friend describes her conversations with Mindy on the day of the murder·We begin to piece together the timeline of Mindy’s movements