The Cider Shed


A Star is Born... well, two actually.

Ep. 68

While Peter was away, Keri and Matthew weighed in on 'It's a Knockout' nostalgia, bikes vs trikes, open bars at cinemas (Y or N?) Oh, and THAT leadership race.

In between slices of rhubarb hedgehog, we nibbled on:

  • Who wants to be a Millionaire Shortbread eater? No one, apparently.
  • New twins just dropped. Imagine being born into THAT family.
  • Shula considers the missionary position. Can we help you pack?
  • Goodbye, Ruby duvet. Adil has a change of sheets.
  • Adam! The Pits!! Ambridge's biggest doughballs extend a near fatal olive branch to the W.I.
  • Bridge Farm weirdos brace themselves for Storm Caitlin.
  • Bills or Frills? Chelsea wants Brad to toe the party line.

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