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The Wrap - Managing alcohol and substance use during COVID-19

Season 3, Ep. 10

This week, The Wrap tackled another important — and timely — topic. Fred Blow, M.D., director of the U-M Addiction Center, stopped by to discuss alcohol and substance use during COVID-19, what signs to look out for regarding addiction and how to get the help you or your loved one needs. As part of Alcohol Awareness Month, check out this important podcast today.

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  • 26. The Wrap - Sepsis Awareness Month 2023

    It's Sepsis Awareness Month! What do you know about sepsis? Did you know that it's the most common cause of death at Michigan Medicine? And do you know what signs to look for or how to treat it? Learn about all of that, and more, from team members who are championing sepsis care (and one who survived two cases of sepsis himself). They appeared on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast. Check it out today!
  • 25. The Wrap - Nursing Professional Development Week

    It's Nursing Professional Development Week. In celebration, The Wrap is honoring those who do the vital work of helping to educate and support our nursing teams. Three of those colleagues, Kristi Altemann, Tamara Myers and Austin Sylver, recently joined the podcast to discuss their work and what drew them to nurse education. Check out that conversation, and take part in the weekly trivia contest for a chance to bring him a great prize!
  • 24. The Wrap - Ageism and the importance of Senior Living Week

    Understanding our views and attitudes toward our own aging and able-bodied selves as well as others, is imperative to providing good health care. Ashton Applewhite, an internationally recognized expert on ageism, recently joined The Wrap for a fascinating discussion about this important topic prior to her featured presentation during the 2023 Senior Living Week Expo. Check it out today!
  • 23. The Wrap - The People of Michigan Medicine

    Last week, Headlines debuted a new series, The People of Michigan Medicine, which gives insight into one of your colleagues and their journey to the health care industry. The first installment featured Lizelle Salazar from the Eisenberg Family Depression Center. She recently joined The Wrap to talk about why she joined the Depression Center and her recent revisiting of her Filipino heritage. Check out the fascinating interview today!
  • 22. The Wrap - Performance management changes at Michigan Medicine

    For the past year, teams have been hard at work to prepare a new performance management experience for members of the Michigan Medicine community. The new online platform will make evaluations easier to carry out and become a year-round tool to help you reach your career goals. Learn more about the changes, which will affect everyone at Michigan Medicine, on the latest episode of The Wrap. Check it out today!
  • 21. The Wrap - Intern Takeover

    Interns have taken over The Wrap employee podcast this week! Three interns from the Department of Communication joined this week's show, which was hosted by former intern Bailey Mruzik, and shared the coolest parts of their summer and why internships are so important in the health care industry. Check it out today, and of course, participate in the weekly trivia contest for your chance to win a great prize!
  • 20. The Wrap - A transformative gift to Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels

    Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels (AAMOW) is delighted to announce a gift of $300,000 from the estate of Amelia Kramer through the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, whose wish was to address issues of food insecurity, especially among diverse populations. Learn more about this gift, and how it will benefit neighbors across the region, on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast! You'll hear from the director of AAMOW, volunteers with the program and more! Check it out today.
  • 19. The Wrap - Celebrating quality and safety work

    Across Michigan Medicine, teams are performing incredible quality and safety work that is improving care and patient outcomes. In October, the organization will celebrate that work during Quality Month 2023 Learn how you can make sure your work is included in that celebration -- and find out why the celebration itself is so important -- on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast. Check it out today!
  • 18. The Wrap - Healthcare Equity Consult Service

    Bias, discrimination and inequities have long existed within the U.S. health care system. Now, Michigan Medicine is doing something about it. The Healthcare Equity Consult Service, or HECS, meets patients (and families) at the bedside to understand and address any concerns about the inequitable delivery of care. Three of the program's case managers recently joined The Wrap to talk about what they've learned so far and how they are addressing issues within the health system. Check out their fascinating discussion today!