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  • 19. The Wrap - Introducing One Michigan Medicine

    All week, the organization has been introducing its new Home Hub, One Michigan Medicine. Today, The Wrap employee podcast is joining the party, giving you the inside story about how the hub came to fruition, who helped develop the site and why it’s going to make your work lives easier moving forward. There are also hacks and tips for you to use while navigating the site. Check out this important conversation!

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  • 18. The Wrap - Black Voices Resource Group and a reflection on Juneteenth

    Resource groups – run by the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion – are a mechanism for feedback to Michigan Medicine leadership on how to foster inclusion and collaboration. Groups touch on a number of different issues and topics, including disability and chronic conditions, spirituality, LGBTQIA+ and Black Voices. In the wake of Juneteenth, The Wrap employee podcast welcomed the two leads of the Black Voices Resource Group, Steve Vinson and LaTonya Berryhill. They reflected on the holiday and discussed what the group is working on and why its work is so vital at Michigan Medicine. Check out this important conversation today!
  • 17. The Wrap- Michigan Pioneer Fellows Program

    The Michigan Pioneer Fellows Program is redefining the trajectory of early career postdoctoral researchers, providing an exceptional blend of mentorship, professional growth and collaborative opportunities. The head of the program -- and one of its participants -- recently joined The Wrap to discuss why it's so important and beneficial for those who take part. Even if you have no interest in research, it's a fascinating conversation that gives insight into why Michigan Medicine is a world-class destination for research. Check it out today!
  • 16. The Wrap - Introducing The Fundamentals podcast

    Behold, a podcast about a podcast! Research is fundamental to U-M’s mission to improve the world. On The Fundamentals podcast, you'll meet the people behind the research, learn more about their fields and the fundamental questions they are trying to answer – from how to relieve pain and stop the opioid epidemic, to how to use data to personalize health care – and discover why the U-M Medical School is such an amazing place for research. The hosts of The Fundamentals stopped by The Wrap to discuss their show and why you should give it a listen. Check it out today!
  • 15. The Wrap - A conversation with Hitinder Gurm, M.D.

    Hitinder Gurm, M.D. is an interventional cardiologist, Michigan Medicine’s chief medical officer, and the director of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Cardiovascular Consortium, an award-winning quality initiative. Gurm joined The Wrap to discuss all of his roles, why programs such as BMC2 are so important and much, much more. Check it out today -- and don't forget to enter the weekly trivia contest for the chance to win a prize!
  • 14. The Wrap - Hospital Care at Home Program

    In recent months, the Hospital Care at Home program has expanded, offering safe, effective, hospital-level care in a home environment to even more patients across a broader geographic region. How does the program work? And how exactly do patients get hospital-level care from the comfort of their home, where they are more likely to have ideal outcomes? Find out on the latest episode of The Wrap!
  • 13. The Wrap - Breaking barriers for patients with reported allergies

    Up to 15% of hospitalized patients report an allergy to penicillin. However, it is estimated that such reports are either inaccurate or not indicative of a true reaction in up to 90% of those patients. This week on The Wrap, you can learn about the Allergy Evaluation Service at Michigan Medicine and the incredible impact it has had on patients with penicillin allergy labels. Check out this informative conversation and be sure to enter the weekly trivia contest for the chance to win a prize!