The Weight of Fatherhood

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  • 8. The Habits of Manhood

    In this final episode for season 2, Brian Phillips ties the season together, offering concluding thoughts on the significance of fatherhood.

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  • 7. Technology and Our Daughters

    Technology surrounds us, and its influence is particularly pervasive for our children. In this episode, Brian Phillips reflects on the powerful effects of technology and social media on our daughters, offering advice and book suggestions for combating those influences. 
  • 6. Dads and Health

    Dr. Geoff Rose joins Brian Phillips to discuss the importance of health and wellness, particularly for dads. They discuss nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness, emphasizing how fathers can serve as models for their families in these areas. 
  • 5. Books on Fathering Daughters

    In this brief reflection episode, Dr. Brian Phillips discusses some of the best books on fathering daughters. 
  • 4. Christopher Wylie Talks the War on Family in Contemporary Culture

    In this episode, Brian chats with author Christopher Wylie about the way the theme of family shows up in his books, both fiction and non-fiction, and ways to combat the attacks on the contemporary family in our culture.
  • 3. In Which Brian Is Joined By His Daughters!

    This season of The Weight of Fatherhood is all about being a dad to daughters and so on this episode Brian is joined by his daughters to discuss the best books for homes with girls in them!
  • 2. Christine Cohen on How Stories Can Help Us Be Better Dads and Husbands

    Here in season 2, Dr. Phillips is focusing on ways of being better dads to our daughters and husbands to our wives, and here in episode two he is joined by author Christine Cohen, author of The Winter King, to discuss the power of stories to inspire and instruct us in that effort. Christine Cohen was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She spent most of her formative years roaming evergreen forests with her sister and a stalwart yellow lab, feeding her love of adventure a steady diet of stick forts and slingshots. Now she lives with her husband and three kids in a delightfully rural college town. When she's not writing, she pursues other creative outlets like baking sweet things and eating more than her share. The Winter King is her first novel.