The Weight of Fatherhood

This is a show for dads who want to learn, grow, and find encouragement as men and fathers. Join Dr. Brian Phillips for a series of conversations about the important and powerful role that is being fatherhood. He'll be chatting with a wide array of guests, from psychologists and pastors, to authors and even a few friends, about the challenges, joys, goals, and frustrations that almost every dad faces -- especially dads who work really hard to be decent fathers.

The first of season one's ten episodes will be available on September 22.

Brian Phillips

Dr. Brian Phillips is the pastor of Holy Trinity Reformed Church (Concord, NC), an adjunct faculty member at Belmont Abbey College, and a teacher-writer-consultant for the CiRCE Institute. After turning 40, he decided to pursue a childhood dream and also became an EMT. He is the author/editor of several books, including Sunday Mornings: An Introduction to Biblical Worship and Tales of Wonder (Volumes I & II). He and his wife Shannon have two sons, two daughters, and a dog named Ajax the Great.