The Sugarcraft Junkies

A podcast about all things sugarcraft, for professionals, hobby bakers and everyone in between.From interviews to new products we explore the latest developments in the industry, discuss what we're up to and what's caugh


Ep. 22
It’s November and this month we are looking back through our collection of cake decorating books. Find out what we bought first, our oldest books and all the memories they bring back.Up toThe London Bridge experience Bridge 8 BSG show @ Ardingly the musical sky rectangle cake hoop stuffSugarflairoil basedcolours Strand facemould dioxide free gold / rose gold Haynes Sugar Flower Studio dusts + glazes Kitchen MetallicCocolColours and Cookie planner Halloween + Autumn digital stamps chocolate (no link, not on sale yet)Edwin Weimer stencils FeatureSorry no links, we ran out of characters!The books will be posted on our instagram @thesugarcraftjunkies instead.Ones to watchTheCakingGirl , Joey + Ellis. , Beata.


Ep. 21
In a slight change from the advertised episode, we are talking about sugarpaste this month. What ones do you use? What do you want to try? How would better product descriptions help us shop smarter? And why are there so few nut free / Fairtrade / palm oil free options in a market with so many sugarpastes? Head over to our instagram to share your thoughts.Up toAerial staycation Bankside stuffYeners Pastillage https://yenerspastillage.comMolly Robbins airbrush colours Dutchess modelling paste 8 colours Kitchen Pastelz dust colours and paste colours online new workshops Mill costal collection Cake Genius Silvia Favero 7 in 1 stencils FeatureCake Professional - Great British Cake Survey results in to watchJennifer Reece, Good Gosh Ganache Kaniöz, Kalitepasta

Allergens & Natasha's Law

Ep. 20
Ahead of Natasha's Law coming into force in the UK from this October, Sam and Erica start to get their heads round the legislation, discuss how they address allergens in their business and how Sam is coping with COVID!New ThingsMollys Creature creator mini sticks paint your own kits sticks Platinum gold Petals by Neetha Syam Lisa Sugarpaste, Massa Ticino Old Piping Bag, Micro shapes cutters Old Piping Bag Moroccan tiles stencils Old Piping Bag Mortar markers toNatalie Porter Ranunculus class will be posted on our Instagram during the month FeatureErica’s box labels and Sam’s spreadsheets will be posted on our Instagram during the month.Ones to watchErica Fernando, Little Whisk Cakes Webb, Dragons and Daffodils

Cookies and Biscuits

Ep. 18
Hello! How are you? It's about time we asked :) Episode 18 is all about cookies and biscuits. They are definitely back in fashion, and great for a fun project, celebrations of any size or a unique gift. Join Erica and Sam as they discuss their time making cookies - Sam will tell you about her experiment freezing cookies with edible prints on. Meanwhile Erica will give you a good idea of how to store your cookies. Find out who are our Ones to Watch in the world of sugarcraft and catch up on the latest trends and products to hit the caking world this month. Tune in while you cake or on your daily commute, wherever you are we are happy for you to join us and listen to what we've been up to! We had to re record Sam's One to Watch this month due to the drilling, so if you think it sounds a little different and Erica is rather quiet at this point, you'd be right 🤣New ThingsCake Pin confections flower paste Lou London Cakesickle sticks plastics recycling Cake Genius dust palette set A toThe Cake Professionals Conference’s classes of Cake Making podcast of Sam’s photoshoot and Erica’s wafer paper demo will be posted on our Instagram during the month FeatureBiscuiteers Cookies – Juliet Usher me I’m yours cookie – Lindy Smith Con Expo to watchMarc Suarez – Le Doux College Warne – Downtown Dough

When Cake Goes Wrong

Ep. 17
When Cake Goes Wrong! Sounds dramatic doesn't it. Sometimes it is, but usually its just really annoying and frustrating. Share our pain and laugh at our mishaps, as we discuss our cake failures. The UK is coming out of lockdown so we've actually done things that involve leaving the house, and theres' a load of new stuff and ones to watch too.New ThingsKaren Davis fringing mould Davis Palm Spear mould wafer Paper sprays and tools Cake Genius Wafer Paper overlays, palms and butterfly kits and Cookie Planner for ProCreate, digital cake sketching toThe Bolthole micropub Glasshouse restaurant mounts Cake Professionals conference of Sam’s photoshoot and Erica’s wafer paper demo will be posted on our Instagram during the month FeatureMetal dowel cake boxes cake board kits to watchKyong’s Cakes n Crafts, Kyong Bell Cake, Anna.