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The Success Trap

The Success Trap with Lucas Green

Season 1, Ep. 1

Feilim Mackle, Executive Chairman at AMIGO, chats with Lucas Green, Global Head of Operations at international TV producer Banijay about how to turn an idea into a successful TV show, how TV habits have changed over time, and what it's like to produce shows such as Masterchef, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Married at First Sight.

Feilim closes out the episode with Mike Adam, Founder & Architect at Amigo, talking about why he turned down a glittering music career in New York, snooker, and taking risks.

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  • 7. The Success Trap with James Hammersley

    Mike and Feilim talk to James Hammersley from Good Growth about his ventures into the corporate world, his journey to becoming an extraordinary salesman and the digitalisation of commercial strategy. The trio discuss how to keep one’s brand alive, the challenge of helping clients avoid success traps as they navigate the digital world and his love of running, reading and swearing!
  • 6. The Success Trap with Benny Higgins

    With Mike on holiday, Feilim invites Scotsman Benny Higgins, known to many as the ‘chairman of everything’, to talk about his involvement with many exceptional businesses, including the Buccleuch Group, RBS and Tesco. The pair explore the success traps faced by large enterprises, Benny’s admiration for leadership ‘superheroes’ and the importance of outcomes over process within the corporate world. 
  • 5. The Success Trap with Teté Soto

    Mike and Feilim talk with Teté Soto late in 2021. At the time Teté was transformation director at Virgin Media O2. The trio discuss the challenges of transforming businesses from within, explore the changing world of work, the importance of self-acceptance and the value of diversity in the workplace. Teté joined AMIGO full time as Chief Executive in January 2022.
  • 4. The Success Trap with Mike Adam: Part 2

    Talking with Feilim, drawing parallels between the music and business worlds, Mike recollects his musical career with warm and humorous insights. The pair then discuss AMIGO and the company’s remarkable solution to the problems of digital transformation, and their determination to break through the entrenched cultures and working practices of large enterprises.
  • 3. The Success Trap with Mike Adam: Part 1

    In the first part of this two part episode, Feilim Mackle talks to Mike Adam, founder of AMIGO Technology, about the evolution of his entrepreneurial career, exploring the problems that come with success and challenges of joining the corporate world, Mike delves into the ‘witchcraft’ of systematic trading and how to survive in the face of organisational change.
  • 2. The Success Trap with Lynda Thomas

    Feilim and Mike chat with Lynda Thomas, CEO at Macmillan, about cancer support, coping with the pandemic, and being a proud Welsh woman. Lynda gives some surprising insights into life as CEO of one of the largest British charities, including her views on leadership, mortality, and the surprising positives that come from a crisis.