The Success Trap

“In life and in business, success is elusive and, if found, often kills the creative drive that delivered it: painters paint the same picture over and over again, musicians sing the same songs and businesses lose the ability to learn and adapt. Why does this happen and what does it take to escape? The Success Trap explores the philosophical, psychological and practical challenges of success - how to achieve it and how to avoid its pitfalls.”

The Success Trap podcast explores this phenomenon, touching on conundra like:

  • The Kodak problem: why do so many businesses see disruption coming but seem powerless to respond? 
  • Knowledge vs insight: why do so many businesses fail to find the answer even though they are swimming in data?
  • The challenge of leadership: why is it so difficult to be an agitator for change in a successful business? 
  • The hindsight paradox: why does hindsight often obscure rather than reveal the lessons from history? 
  • Crossing the chasm: why is it so difficult for new businesses to disrupt entrenched business models?
  • The problem of celebrity: why do we misinterpret success and why does it matter?
  • Luck vs judgement: if life is a random walk, then can you find your bearings and set a steady course?
  • The rally driver conundrum: how do you proceed in the face of risks? Who wins, and how?

Who is this for?

This podcast is for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, inventors and investors, and anyone with an interest in how businesses grow and decline. First and foremost it is for our friends, clients, and fellow travellers. For anyone wondering why we do what we do in the way we do it, this podcast provides insight into our thinking and our way of working. 

What are the episodes like?

Each episode is structured around a conversation between Feilim and an individual with a unique perspective on success. Episodes are recorded in-person, in London at a studio just off Baker Street.

We start the conversation by asking each guest to share the hidden moments that led to success, and reflect on how these changed the outcome. We always ask guests to extemporise on a hypothetical scenario in a well known business: how would they respond? We look for the underlying philosophical and psychological challenges that the guest experienced, struggled with and (perhaps) overcame. Every podcast has a coda recorded after the guest has left: Feilim and Mike reflect on the conversation and propose a new question to ask in future.