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Dealing with your Fear of Selling your Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Season 3, Ep. 43

One of the biggest challenges that virtual bookkeepers have is overcoming their discomfort or fear of selling their services. It's a huge challenge because as we all know, if you're not selling, you're not making any money in this business. 


In this episode, my guest, client attraction and sales coach Leigh Ann Heil and I, break down some of these challenges and how you can overcome any fear you may have around selling. We also talked about how changing how you think about selling is absolutely critical for going from sales-challenged to sales-savvy.


When you have an ability to authentically share stories about yourself and your experiences, selling is much easier. Leigh Ann shares just how much easier it can be by sharing how her experiences as a musician helped shape what she does as a client attraction coach. With all the gems she drops during our conversation, you'll want to listen to this more than once, so be sure to bookmark it so you come back to it often. 


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About LeighAnn:


LeighAnn Heil helps coaches attract high-ticket clients using luxury marketing techniques simple sales strategies and prestige positioning.


Her clients refer to her as their fairy godmother because she weaves magic in their business with her sales psychology techniques.


LeighAnn spent 20+ years as a pro musician, director and promoter. She has been featured in media such as NBC, Forbes, and Billboard Top 100. She is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine.


LeighAnn also enjoys going to Caribbean beaches, playing guitar, making people laugh at inopportune moments, and watching her clients step into wealth.

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