The Female Trickster (In Gothenburg)


The Female Trickster (In Gothenburg) Episode 4 - Kaisa Luukkonen

Season 1, Ep. 4

For the fourth episode in this podcast series, I speak to artist Kaisa Luukkonen. This was recorded in May 2021.

Some things that come up in our conversation that you might want further references for are:

Kaisa's website -

This is a link to Kaisa's project called "Instruments of Uprising" that we briefly discussed during the podcast, where she used found broken safety-glass to make the sculptures


Kaisa is a member of Gallery 54 - and has been collaborating with Benedikte Esperi as an organiser and curator on '(A)live' a residency program for artists working with performative methods - there is an open viewing at Gallery 54 on 26-29 August!

Benedikte Esperi website -

Editor and sound work By - Therese Larsson.

Music By - Andreya Ek Frisk

Supported by-

Project Pronto!

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