The Female Trickster (In Gothenburg)

The trickster is traditionally a male character on the fringes of society who transgresses social norms, for many reasons including survival, the joy of chaos, or for selfish ends. But woven through this history are less visible female and non-binary trickster characters from Sheharzaad in 1,000 and 1 nights to early incarnations of the femme fatale. These characters have a very different set of social and political circumstances around them that change the rules of engagement. In this series, I interview artists, curators, clowns, dancers, writers, and others, in order to identify these 'other tricksters' today.

These are fairly loose 'interviews' / chats with relevant people who I believe use trickster techniques, some to provoke and challenge power relationships, others as a form of creative survival, and some simply for hope.

All interviews are conducted by me, Danielle Heath. I'm an artist living and working in Gothenburg Sweden.

Editor and sound work By - Therese Larsson.

Music By - Andreya Ek Frisk