The Female Trickster (In Gothenburg)


The Female Trickster (In Gothenburg) Episode 2- Maja Ringstad

Season 1, Ep. 2

For the second episode in this podcast series, I speak to professional clown Maja Ringstad. This was recorded in June 2021

Some things that come up in our conversation that you might want further references for are:

Maja works in a clown collective, called Clownkliniken -

The story of the polar bear and the dog playing together -

We talked about the Pueblo (or sacred) clowns of New Mexico and Arizona, but it didn't make the cut. But I would like to add some links here as it is a fantastic cross-over between tricksters and clowns. However, there is very little information about the clowns as it is part of a living religion.

This is a list of this year's Native American feast days which mentions clowns from the Taos Pueblo -

This is a Wikipedia page with a brief overview of the Pueblo/ sacred clowns -

Comedian Stuart Lee has also made a documentary about the clowns:

Interview -

The documentary -

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Music By - Andreya Ek Frisk

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