The Next Round


The Next Round for the British Army

Season 3, Ep. 4

Host Robin Charney is joined by the CMO of the Recruiting Group for The Army, Nick Terry, in this episode of The Next Round podcast. Nick is part of the senior leadership team that’s transformed Army recruitment, delivered against commercial targets and rebuilt its reputation as the exemplar of public/ private partnerships, not to mention producing some of the most visible, most talked about and most awarded creative work of the last few years.


Charged with generating north of 100,000 applications each year, Army recruitment has had to shift gear along with focus as a result of a shrinking youth population, societal change, a highly competitive job market and the pandemic. Can better audience segmentation, emotional not just rational messaging, an engaging campaign platform, a focus on the candidate journey and a commitment to bold, brave marketing drive this original brand with purpose onto a successful Next Round? We certainly think so.

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