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Not All Heroes Wear Capes ~ with Van Connor

Season 1, Ep. 9

For this episode I'm joined by a very dear friend, the wonderful Van Connor: London-based film critic and all-around pop culture aficionado.

We get to chatting about male role models in film and television media, the changing personas of super heroes, action heroes, James Bond, men's sexuality on screen, and how media influences the way men relate to themselves.

As well as working as a film critic for BBC Radio and talkRADIO, Van also hosts OffScreen - the self-proclaimed “ultimate seven day movie guide” - every Friday on podcast platforms and is the writer and creator of animated film review web series Memovies.

music courtesy of Aaron Handford

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The Sensual Man ~ A Conversation with Devi Ward Erickson

Season 1, Ep. 8
"Reclaiming your birthright to your full sexual pleasure is a revolutionary act."~ Devi Ward EricksonTantra educator Devi Ward Erickson joins me to talk about supporting men's sexuality. What traumas do men hold from childhood around their sexual expression, how do these impact our relationships, how can men overcome these, and what can those of us who have sexual relationships with men do to support them?This conversation covers a wide range of topics, from circumcision to somatic dissassociation, from the relationship between trauma and sexual predation, to the possibilities for a new kind of sensual masculine sexuality.Devi Ward Erickson is a Tantra Expert, Sex Coach, an ACS Certified Sexologist and the Founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.As a trusted and sought after Tantra expert and Sex Coach, Devi has had the privilege and honor of witnessing the profound healing that occurs for women, men, and couples when sexuality is honored as sacred and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness. She specializes in using Tantra and “pleasure as medicine” to awaken more connection, passion, and inner bliss in every area of life.Devi has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops since 2000 and has devoted her entire adult life to studying the “essence” that infuses all of life through meditation, Tibetan Tantra, Sensual Dance, and Compassionate Communication. image: still from Flight of the Conchords song, "Business Time".