The MasculiniTea Podcast

MasculiniTea is a new podcast that invites you to pop the kettle on, brew up a mug of your hot beverage of choice, and join us for a relaxed and open conversation about masculinity, men, and our relationships with them. In the wake of #metoo and #timesup, what can men do to create a paradigm shift, how can they apply this to their everyday lives, and what can those who aren’t men do to support them, without exhausting themselves?

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I’m a queer radical who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic relationships. And, I love men. I really do. I see so many men struggling to reconcile how to embrace their identities in healthy, empowered ways, being held back by fear of call outs, judgement, and shame. I see men who truly want to learn how to be part of a solution, and not part of the problem, shutting down from connection because they don’t want to make a mistake. I believe in the possibility of a world where people can relate without shame or fear, and I’m committed to finding out how we could build such a world, together.

Our global culture seems to be at a turning point, and I’m having these conversations with men in my life, as well as people who love them. Some of them are ‘experts’ in particular fields; all of them are experts on their own experience. My hope is to generate conversations, provide spaces for solidarity, and build bridges so that we can all feel empowered to navigate our relationships to masculinity with authenticity, courage, strength, and love.

Mel Cassidy

Mel is a sex-positive relationship nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships. The grandchild of refugees, Mel has lived on three continents, with two decades of experience as a teacher and facilitator, they have a reputation for innovation, novelty, and thinking outside the box. Mel is queer, loves butterflies and cats, and experiences relationships as a solo polyamorous individual. They live, love, and dance on the traditional and unceded territories of the K'ómoks Nation in British Columbia, Canada.