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The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

Medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, with Mary Biles

Season 15, Ep. 7

Do you want to learn more about medical cannabis? On this episode of The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show, Liz is joined by author, journalist and educator Mary Biles to delve into the world of medicinal cannabis.

Mary shares a very personal story that piqued her interest in medicinal cannabis, and how it may be beneficial for palliative care, epilepsy, chronic pain and other health conditions.

Liz and Mary discuss the differences between CBD and THC, and explore the endocannabinoid system, cannabis and the menopause.

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  • 4. The pill, HRT, and medical gaslighting, with Kate Muir

    Have you ever used some form of hormonal contraception? Kate Muir, documentary maker, investigative journalist and women's health expert, joins Liz to share what the contraceptive pill is really doing to our health - from our sex drive to our mood.Inside this episode, Kate shares what prompted her concerns about the pill, and why more attention should be paid to the synthetic hormones commonly used in this type of contraception - just like the push for body identical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for midlife women.Liz and Kate discuss the mental health outcomes of female contraceptives such as the pill, the coil and the injection, plus talk through why women don't actually need to take a break from their contraception for a bleed (despite being told otherwise!)Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase Everything You Need To Know About The PillPurchase Everything You Need To Know About The MenopauseFollow Pill Scandal on InstagramFollow Meno Scandal on InstagramEmail us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
  • 3. Can food help you fight cancer? - with Sheila Dillon

    What role does food play in preventing and treating cancer? Food journalist and BBC broadcaster Sheila Dillon joins Liz to reveal why she wants food to feature more heavily in conversations about cancer.Sheila shares her own experience of Multiple Myeloma (MM), a cancer of the bone marrow, and how her approach to treatment differed from her sister’s, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.Sheila also talks through the changes she made to her diet during this time, and discusses with Liz the potent powers of natural medicinals, such as turmeric and medicinal mushrooms.Liz and Sheila cover the impact of pesticides, the role diet can play in cancer prevention, plus how we can cut down on ultra-processed foods - and why this must be a priority.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Sheila Dillon on InstagramVisit Sheila Dillon's websiteVisit the Soil Association websiteEmail us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
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    Want in on the secrets to healthy and glowing skin in midlife? Dr Lubna Khan-Salim joins Liz to share why beauty isn't about being wrinkle-free, but more about retaining strength, vitality and suppleness.Lubna, a surgeon specialising in cosmetic aesthetics, discusses why, like Liz does too, she loathes the term anti-ageing, what changes you might notice in your skin in menopause, plus why you should nourish your body from within before considering tweakments.The episode also puts the lens on new skincare treatments, beauty bio-hacking and epigenetics, and why social media skincare trends such as ‘glass skin’ might be doing more harm than good for our complexions.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Dr Lubna Khan-Salim on InstagramVisit the Time to Bloom websiteListen to our podcast with India Knight Email us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
  • 10. How to worry less in midlife, with Brigid Delaney

    Are you a worrier? Or perhaps prone to mood swings? You might learn a thing or two from the ancient Stoic philosophers, says journalist Brigid Delaney. Listen in as Brigid talks Liz through the core principles and values of Stoicism, how to achieve an enduring tranquillity known as Ataraxia, and simple ways to lead a more calm and drama-free life.Liz and Brigid also discuss why dizzying highs often mean devastating lows (and how we can aim for a more moderate middle ground), plus other helpful exercises practiced by Stoic philosophers, such as negative visualisation and journaling. Links mentioned in the episode:·         Purchase Reasons Not To Worry by Brigid Delaney·         Follow Brigid on X·         Listen to our podcast with Sarah Wilson·         Email us your questions at·         Pre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
  • 9. What chronic illness taught me, with Lily Earle

    How do you keep hope alive in hard times? Lily Earle, Liz's eldest daughter, joins Liz on this podcast for Mother's Day to share what helped on her journey through chronic pain to better health.Lily talks to Liz about her years of health struggles, and the realities of living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, chronic migraine, cluster headaches, MCAS, and seronegative inflammatory arthritis.Lily shares her pain of pregnancy loss, how some medications added to her health struggles, plus how sorrow and joy can co-exist.They also covered how medicinal cannabis, The Lightning Process, fasting and hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be beneficial for those struggling with chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.And the episode ends with some very exciting news for the whole family!Content warning - this episode contains discussion of pregnancy loss. Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Lily Earle on InstagramVisit Lucinda Miller's NatureDoc websiteVisit Dr Tina Peers websiteVisit Professor Vik Khullar's websiteListen to our podcast on The Lightning ProcessListen to our podcast on fasting with the Buchinger Wilhelmi wellness clinicPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
  • 8. Take control of your hormone health, with Dr Milli Raizada

    Curious about your hormonal health? GP and lifestyle medicine doctor Dr Milli Raizada joins Liz to share how we can positively impact our hormones through our lifestyle choices.In this episode, Milli shares her own personal struggles with her hormones, talks through PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and discusses how we can make our hormones work for us, rather than against us.Liz and Milli also cover endocrine disruptors in common household items, symptoms of oestrogen dominance, and simple lifestyle tweaks to look after our hormone health in midlife.Links mentioned in the episode:Purchase Happy Hormones, Happy You by Dr Milli RaizadaEmail us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
  • 7. The midlife muscle crisis, with Dr Gabrielle Lyon

    Do you weight train? Functional medicine practitioner Dr Gabrielle Lyon joins Liz to share why your health and longevity may be determined by having too little muscle rather than too much fat.Gabrielle and Liz discuss how skeletal muscle mass can impact your immune system, brain cells, and hormones, plus they cover the benefits of a high protein diet and how else to protect our muscles as we age.The episode also dives into the relationship between body composition, waist circumference, and brain volume. And Gabrielle also talks through why she believes resistance training should be prescribed by doctors to patients.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Gabrielle Lyon on InstagramPurchase Forever Strong by Gabrielle LyonVisit the Gabrielle Lyon websiteEmail us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle
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    What does love mean to you? Evolutionary anthropologist Anna Machin joins Liz to take a deep dive into the science of love - and how it can help us to live longer.Liz and Anna talk through what’s going on in our brains when we love and the neurochemicals involved here, plus how love affects our physical and mental health.The episode also covers the evolutionary purpose of love for humans, how it changes as we age, the different attachment styles, and whether it’s possible to die of a broken heart.Links mentioned in the episode:Follow Anna Machin on InstagramPurchase Why We Love: The New Science Behind Our Closest RelationshipsEmail us your questions at podcast@lizearlewellbeing.comPre-order A Better Second Half by Liz Earle