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Why Initial Responsiveness is Critical for Law Firms with Maddy Martin

Ep. 92

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A whopping two-thirds of people base their buying decision on how fast a business initially responds. 

That’s nothing to sneeze at. But between call inquiries, chats, texts, emails, and Facebook messages, it’s tough to always be on the ball. 

This rings true for law firms: over half of firms never respond to initial client outreach! It’s safe to say that’s a whole lotta missed opportunity. 

And oftentimes, responsiveness boils down to capacity. If you’re running a small firm, you’ve likely struggled to juggle everything... And you've likely watched parts of your business suffer because of it. 

But upping your responsiveness can transform your business. You can take on more clients, or just be choosier when the clients you work with.

If you're thinking, But how can I find the time? this episode is a must-listen. 

Maddy Martin of knows what it takes to help a business grow. In today’s episode, she takes a deep dive into responsiveness and explains how it will give you a competitive edge. 

She shares how automation and delegation can help you improve your intake — and free up your capacity at the same time. 

There’s much more to learn in this episode about growing your firm, so tune in now!

About Maddy Martin:

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education at, which provides integrated communication services for small businesses, including their virtual receptionist & intake service, live website chat, and text answering. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California and has expertise in digital marketing, lead conversion, email marketing, social media, SEO, affiliates, and event marketing (in-person and virtual).

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