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Why Initial Responsiveness is Critical for Law Firms with Maddy Martin

Ep. 92

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A whopping two-thirds of people base their buying decision on how fast a business initially responds. 

That’s nothing to sneeze at. But between call inquiries, chats, texts, emails, and Facebook messages, it’s tough to always be on the ball. 

This rings true for law firms: over half of firms never respond to initial client outreach! It’s safe to say that’s a whole lotta missed opportunity. 

And oftentimes, responsiveness boils down to capacity. If you’re running a small firm, you’ve likely struggled to juggle everything... And you've likely watched parts of your business suffer because of it. 

But upping your responsiveness can transform your business. You can take on more clients, or just be choosier when the clients you work with.

If you're thinking, But how can I find the time? this episode is a must-listen. 

Maddy Martin of knows what it takes to help a business grow. In today’s episode, she takes a deep dive into responsiveness and explains how it will give you a competitive edge. 

She shares how automation and delegation can help you improve your intake — and free up your capacity at the same time. 

There’s much more to learn in this episode about growing your firm, so tune in now!

About Maddy Martin:

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education at, which provides integrated communication services for small businesses, including their virtual receptionist & intake service, live website chat, and text answering. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California and has expertise in digital marketing, lead conversion, email marketing, social media, SEO, affiliates, and event marketing (in-person and virtual).

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Transforming Your Workplace from Destructive to Productive with Julie Bartkus

Ep. 117
>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Apply for a Getting Unstuck Consultation at JulieBartkus.comGrowth-minded firm owner? Join our Facebook group and get access to the Close Your Next Consultation trainingEstate planning attorney? Get into the growth mindset with our client-generating Seminar 3.0 Growth SystemAre you working with your dream team in your law firm? Or do you feel like your staff has become demotivated and unproductive?If so, before placing the blame squarely on your team, consider this: how connected do you feel to your business vision, or “why” right now? Great teams need more than just directives - they need a common vision.Because the truth is employees check out mentally before checking out physically. And if this is happening in your firm, it can have a hugely negative impact on your bottom line. And if you’re experiencing this in your law firm, it may be time for a workplace reset.But where do you even start an undertaking to breathe new life back into your practice while keeping up with the demands of running a business?Today we’re getting advice from an expert who has spent the last 20 years helping business leaders transform their workplaces.In this week’s podcast, bestselling author and leading authority on workplace transformation Julie Bartkus join us to discuss how to create work environments that lead to greater productivity and growth.Julie talks about the impact of your business vision on your team’s productivity and how to emotionally reconnect with that vision. She also discusses how to orient your process and policies to keep new employees motivated beyond their first few weeks - and get demotivated employees back on track.There’s much more to learn in this episode about building a better workplace, so tune in now!In this episode:01:15 - The story of the cow and the horse05:43 - When to start focusing on your business vision11:10 - How to find the right employees for your business and vision21:25 - Taking responsibility for the team you’re creating29:35 - How to get demotivated employees back on track36:30 - Tactics for transforming your mindsetAbout Julie Bartkus:Julie Bartkus is the leading authority on workplace transformation. Over the past 20 years, she has helped leaders across the globe transform their workplace culture from negative and destructive to happy and productive. Her approach is a holistic one, as her clients know that a personal transformation is required to achieve a total team transformation.Through her hands-on research, Julie has identified over 30 staff de-motivators that drain team members of their motivation and has developed The D.R.I.V.E. Method to help leaders attract the right staff to support their vision. Her Total Team Transformation System has propelled leaders out of feeling stuck and lost to experiencing tremendous joy in attracting, interviewing, hiring, motivating and retaining the team of their dreams.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.

Why Attorneys Are Usually Bad at Sales - and What You Can Do about It

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>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Got leads? Learn how to turn them into clients through better intake with our Double Your Case Files MasterclassGet access to the Estate Planning ‘Close Your Next Consultation’ training when you join our Facebook groupEstate planning attorney? Get online leads and sales coaching with Seminar 2.0We’re all familiar with the classic trope that lawyers are “bad” at sales. But why is this the case?It turns out that the skills that make a good attorney don't always make a good salesperson - at least in the traditional sense.But for attorneys who want to take control of their practice growth - and get away from overreliance on referrals - it’s imperative to become better at selling.So what if you could take control of growing your firm, without coming off as sleazy or resorting to shady sales tactics?In this week’s podcast, host Jan Roos discusses the three most common types of successful salespeople. He explains which attorneys you should strive to be and how connecting with this one “thing” can put you on the path to selling with ease.There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm, so tune in now!In this episode:01:50 - The first type of successful salespeople03:09 - The second type of successful salespeople4:17 - The last type of successful salespeople06:15 - The most important thing to do to be better at sales06:36 - Why “smart” people are often at a disadvantage in salesAbout Our Host:Jan Roos is the founder and CEO of CaseFuel agency, which helps law firms generate revenue through pay-per-click advertising. He is a legal marketing expert and is the author of the bestselling book, Legal Marketing Fastlane. It talks about PPC lead generation, a technique used to generate client leads for big and small practices.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.

Innovations in Payment Processing for Legal with Dan Lear

Ep. 115
>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Accept and manage money easily for your law firm with Gravity LegalDownload Gravity Legal’s Payment Processing guideGet access to our Estate Planning Masterclass when you join our Law Firm Growth Secrets Facebook groupEstate planning attorney? Supercharge your firm growth online with Seminar 3.0 Growth SystemHiring an attorney is an expensive process. Yet, only maybe 2 or 3 out of every 10 firms accept credit cards as a payment option.As a whole, the legal industry has been resistant to technological changes. And while attorneys have to think about a lot of things on the job, many firms drop the ball when it comes to thinking about how to effectively collect and process payments.But what if you could implement a financial infrastructure that allows your firm to deliver legal services better - without worrying about getting paid?In this week’s podcast, Dan Lear of Gravity Legal joins us to talk about how firms can get a fresh take on payment processing to make their services more accessible and increase revenue.Dan discusses his thoughts on why the legal industry is slow to innovate, the state of payment processing for legal and how law firms can implement a better way to get paid.There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm, so tune in now!In this episode:01:00 - Dan’s background05:20 - Thoughts on why the legal industry is resistant to change10:24 - Exciting trends in legal13:51 - The state of payment processing for law firms20:19 - Shifting credit card processing fees30:58 - Payment processing and your practice management system33:40 - Customer success examplesAbout Dan Lear:Dan Lear is a lawyer and legal industry gadfly and the Chief Instigator of Right Brain Law. As a practicing attorney he advised technology companies from startups to the Fortune 100. Since his transition from tech lawyer to legal technologist Dan’s been mentioned, featured, or published widely in the legal industry press and spoken to legal and non-legal audiences in a number of settings including at SXSW Interactive, Ignite Seattle,Georgetown University, Stanford University, ReInvent Law, and the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Most recently, Dan was the Director of Industry Relations for Avvo.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.