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How to Be the Attorney That the Wall Street Journal Calls with Janet Falk

Every day - journalists publish articles that need sources, Almost every day, attorneys (maybe even your competition) are called on as expert sources and gain the prestige, brand recognition and more that comes from being on your prospects local newstand. We talk about how Janet has been able to get her attorney clients placed in publications running from the WSJ to Pizza Industry Reviews (seriously) in this interview.

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Scaling Your Profitability Without Scaling Your Hours (or Your Staff) with Moshe Amsel

Resource Links:CaseFuel Website ( a free copy of “Legal Marketing Fastlane” ( with Law Podcast ( access to a 1-day summit on scaling your law business using info products ( the free 8-part series on growing an online business with James Wedmore ( hours is the accepted and widely known way for law firms to make money. In essence, lawyers are being paid for their time. However, this way of making money puts a limit on the revenue a firm can make.Online businesses have become widespread in our time. Adapting this platform into the law industry opens up opportunities for firms to scale without putting in more hours.Today, we have a repeat guest, Moshe Amsel, who talks about pushing the boundaries in the industry, the digital information courses lawyers can create, and their benefits. We also talk a bit about the gray areas surrounding advertising and ethics, plus more.Learn how you can create more business for your firm by tuning in to this episode.We’ll be talking about:His mission to push the boundaries in the law industry [00:41]Examples of information products lawyers can provide [03:29]Two lawyers already selling their own information products [10:53]Overcoming the price barrier and getting referrals as benefits [14:23]Working around the gray area involving advertising and rules of conduct [18:08]The best way to get started on the business of information products [24:56]About Our Guest:Moshe Amsel is the host of the Profit with Law podcast. He is also running the Law Firm Growth Summit, which is a virtual conference where 30+ law firm experts share their insights and strategies for growing and profiting from your law firm business.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.

Getting Leverage on Outsourcing with Jaclyn Foster

Resource Links:CaseFuel Website ( a free copy of “Legal Marketing Fastlane” ( Foster Paralegal Services Website (“The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss ( Coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought to light the need for changes in the workplace. People are now evaluating the nature of their work and how remote work plays into this.For some, remote work or freelance work is a space that’s all too familiar. It is where they have built a stable position in and where they thrive. Our guest today is one such example.Today, we chat with Jaclyn Foster, owner of Jaclyn Foster Paralegal Services, about how she got into providing senior level freelance paralegal services, the cost savings she offers, and impact her work has done in the legal space.If you’ve been considering making a shift towards remote work then this episode is worth the listen.We’ll be talking about:The path that led to Jaclyn filling a gap in the industry [01:16]Where people generally find freelance paralegals [06:19]The benefit Jaclyn offers with short-term and long-term work [07:31]What makes senior paralegals take part-time work [11:10]The shift towards more freelance or remote work [14:01]How Jaclyn makes herself accessible to her clients [16:07]Three things to get started in a similar business[18:23]The cost savings: her company vs a full-time employee [21:47]A case where she helped an attorney file a motion he had no experience in [31:14]About Our Guest:Jaclyn Foster is the owner of Jaclyn Foster Paralegal Services. Her company serves small law firms and solo practitioners by offering freelance paralegal services. She has helped multiple firms across the nation, including freelancing for a Supreme Court candidate.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast.