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Transform the Burden of a Secret, Part 2

Ep. 17

Title: Transform the Burden of a Secret, Part 2

Subtitle: Dissolve The Stress Around Secrets Without Telling The Secret

Show Notes

I’m back with Gina Nelson—an artist, writer, Energy Healing Therapist and Body Mind Counselor but most importantly, she is a mother of a 13-year-old son. 

When Gina was experiencing some of her most debilitating and hidden experiences, she saw her need to become the Secret Keeper. Gina’s role is to educate and empower others to defuse and transform the energy of secrets so that each person has more energy and permission for their much-deserved joy seeking. 

She hopes concepts shared during this podcast can create more self-compassion for parents and offer fun, useful tools for their children. Together we can teach ourselves and our loved ones to move away from shame and isolation and towards connection. 

Gina offers us simple, but profound ways to dissolve the stressful energy around secrets. Please listen to the last podcast to learn what the S,E,C,R, and E mean in the word Secrets!

T: in the word Secret, the letter ‘t’ is to ‘tend to’.

S: Support system (great strategy for kids to learn who is part of them team—with a note by their bed!).

Gina’s upcoming book is called The Energy of Secrets, Ease the Burden of Your Secrets Without Having To Share Them.

Gina has also illustrated a book: We have created a picture book that is entertaining, teaches children how to express and deal with negative feelings, and demonstrates to parents how to assist their children in this process. A Garbage Can Day is the story of a boy who has a very bad day and thinks that he'll be sad forever. Playing the Garbage Can Day Game is the way he learns that he can choose another way. You can too! Come along on Jake's journey as he discovers the amazing power he has to recognize, share and learn how to change his emotions. One unexpected reaction from most adults with whom we have shared this story is that it seems to touch the child within and evoke memories long forgotten and often, unresolved. Many expressed that they wished a book like this had been available to them as children. We hope our story touches your heart.

Contact Gina at:

Look for Gina’s SECRETS on her website: it’s a useful tool to discover healthier secret keeping for yourself and use to teach others.

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