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Turning Trying Times Into Fun Times

Ep. 124

When things start to go south, reverse thinking and make it into a fun adventure. Your kids will love you for it. And you’ll be pretty happy with yourself too!

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  • 136. A Simple Exercise: Shift From Mad Street to Happy Street

    Imagine going from mad or sad to happy in a matter of a few seconds. There might be nothing better on earth than that! Doing this technique several times a day accumulates peace in your inner banking system.It also directs you, instantly, to your beautiful inner self and then you can share that with the world.It’s for your wellbeing.Show NotesNot yet. The podcasts are three minutes long!
  • 135. Turning The Volume Down In Your Head

    Do you have a voice in your head you’d like to adios? Listen to find a simple way to exorcise it once and for all! It involves a stuffed animal or a coffee mug and some humor.Let me know how it goes for you: Brenda@TheKidCode.caRemember to spread the love. It feels good.  
  • 134. Give What You Want To Receive

    You’ve probably heard about this; have you ever tried it?Would you like to try an experiment with your life? Could you commit to thinking, speaking and acting in a way that you want others to think, speak and act towards you—for one week and see what happens.Let me know how it goes for you: brenda@thekidcode.caRemember to spread the love. It feels good.
  • 133. Changing One Thing

    Talking about change again. It’s easier than we think it we don’t overthink it and just do it. Do you have one thing you’d like to change in the way your parent?Pick one thing:I don’t want to be huffy when I talk with my kidsI don’t want to holler anymoreI want to take more time for me and spend more time with my kidsWhatever it is, think of that one thing that causes you stress as a parent or even as a partnerListen to see if this might work for you!Let me know how it goes for you: brenda@thekidcode.caRemember to spread the love. It feels good.  
  • 132. Do You Like Nicknames?

    My dad used to remind me to always look for the best in other people because it calls forth the best in them. I noticed that calling each other by this affectionate, humorous name, “Genius” brought out the best in us.How can you bring the best out in your kids and your partner using an affectionate name or some other strategy?Let me know how it goes for you: brenda@thekidcode.caRemember to spread the love. It feels good.  
  • 131. Be A ‘Change’ Champion

    Every morning, at noon and every evening, remind yourself of what you’re going to change and how you’re going to feel when you change. What do you want to change as a parent. How will you feel when you change that? Like a champion!!For me it’s helpful to remind myself that my behaviors and words aren’t serving me when I act out. It motivates me to change.  
  • 130. Clear Thinking Series: Discomfort Razor

    This razor helps me so much—to move me out of my comfort zone with less stress. Outside of our comfort zones is where we learn the big lessons and get really wise!How can you use this razor for yourself and for your kids. I remind myself that I’ll learn something every single time I go outside of my comfort zone—if I pay attention.Remember to spread the love!
  • 129. Clear Thinking Series: Everyday Razor

    This simple razor inspires you to step up your game to get 7 years of output in one year!How can you use this one to help your kids?
  • 128. Clear Thinking Series: Einstein’s Razor

    These ‘razors’ help you and your kids get smarter, wiser!