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Making It Your Best Parenting Year Yet!

Remember the box we called The Past? Use it on each mistake you made over the holidays and then move on to using these practices that cause wellbeing. A simple practice is to give 100% of your attention to watching as you get upset: watch the impatience, watch the anger and what it does, watch the hollerer as it comes out of you, etc.

They say it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become a master at it. If you start this practice now, each time is one step closer to mastery.

Teach this to your kids so they master themselves early in life.

1:20 As always put your mistakes in The Past and move on.

1:34 Wellbeing, what is it?

2:10 Fast track to wellbeing: notice the upset and watch it, watch the tears as they fall, watch impatience, watch the anger make you act out, watch yourself holler, etc.

2:55 The know-it all won’t help, this will.

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