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  • 6. Thrifty Holiday Tips with Amanda and Marco: Unwrapping Festive Frugality Part I

    Thrifty Holiday Tips with Amanda and Marco: Unwrapping Festive Frugality Part ISummary:In this special episode of The Insomnia Project, Amanda and Marco unfold a treasure trove of thrifty holiday tips, infusing your season with festive frugality. Recorded in 2021, this episode has become a fan favorite for its practical and wallet-friendly suggestions. Whether you're a seasoned thrifter or just exploring the world of budget-friendly celebrations, this episode is a must-listen.As part of our daily December lineup of festive episodes, enjoy a mix of holiday cheer from the past and present. So, cozy up with your favorite holiday beverage—be it cider, tea, cocoa, vin brulé, or a pumpkin spice latte—and let the holiday cheer unfold.Here's a peek into the thrifty tips Amanda and Marco have in store for you:Amanda takes the lead, sharing insights on:- The distinction between winter songs and Christmas songs.- A correction from the Nutcracker episode.- Stylish yet budget-friendly frugal holiday tops.- Tips for thrifty holiday cards to spread joy without breaking the bank.- Uncovering the magic of two-sided wrapping paper.- Sharing her unique perspective on The Grinch and its place in the holiday spirit.- Exploring thrifty wonders of holiday projection techniques.- A humorous "slug moment" shared by Marco and Amanda.Meanwhile, Marco adds his own flair to the episode with:- An ode to his favorite double-sided wrapping paper and the unique "Frankenwrap" style he's mastered.- Amanda complements the episode with her own holiday card thrifty information.- A hilarious revelation about what Amanda does with the little black loops in women's sweaters.The duo also engages in a light-hearted discussion prompted by Amanda's question: "Do you keep your wrapping paper to reuse it?"No matter your holiday style, The Insomnia Project team wishes you a calm and peaceful season. We're here to be your companions during this festive time, and if you find joy in our podcast, please spread the word to others.Explore more thrifty resources at:- redpegasus.caConnect with us on social media and become part of our community:📸 Instagram: @theinsomniaproject🐦 Twitter: @listenandsleep🌐 Web:'Tis the season for unwrapping thrifty tips, festive frugality, and The Insomnia Project!

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  • 5. Fireside Chats and Holiday Stockings

    The Insomnia Project: Fireside Chats and Holiday StockingsSummary:🎄✨ The holiday episodes are back on The Insomnia Project! 🌙 Throughout December, join us for a daily dose of festive bliss with themed episodes, transporting you into the magical world of the season. 🎙️ Whether it's a classic gem or a new creation, each episode is a gift waiting to be unwrapped.On today's cozy episode, hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker invite you to gather around the fireplace—both virtual and real—as they explore the enchanting tradition of hanging holiday stockings. 🧦🔥 The conversation starts with a nod to the fireplace channel on TV, where Amanda expresses her love for fireplaces, and Marco shares his passion for wood-burning stoves.Diving into the mantle talk, the hosts share heartwarming stories of hanging stockings for the holidays, with Amanda reminiscing about her mom crafting their family stockings. The deep or shallow stocking debate ensues, bringing warmth to this chilly night.As the hosts get into the festive spirit, they tackle the age-old question: should the presents in the stockings be wrapped or not? 🎁 Amanda delights us with a nostalgic mention of a Lifesavers book, leading to laughter over the infamous Rum Raisin flavor. Barbie Townhouse and Get in Shape Girl make an appearance in the conversation, with Amanda impressing us all with the theme song to the 1985 fitness craze.🎄✨ Connect with us for more holiday cheer and insomnia relief:🐦 Twitter: @listenandsleep📸 Instagram: @theinsomniaproject🌐 Web:🎁 Patreon: in daily and let The Insomnia Project be your nightly companion this holiday season! 🎧🔔 #TheInsomniaProject #HolidayEpisodes #FiresideChats #StockingStuffers #PodcastMagic #InsomniaRelief 🌟🎁🎀🎅🤶🔥🍪🥂🌟
  • 4. Yuletide Tales and Melodies: A Festive Journey with Dan Barker

    Yuletide Tales and Melodies: A Festive Journey with Dan BarkerIt's the Holiday Episodes, and we're thrilled to bring you a daily dose of festive tranquility throughout December. Whether it's a timeless classic or a gem from the past, each episode is packed with holiday vibes. Today, we rewind to 2018 with a special guest - the ever-popular Dan Barker from sunny Florida!Dan kicks off by sharing his favourite holiday tunes and treating us to an unforgettable story about "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) and a chance encounter with the legendary Mel Tormé. Trust us, this tale is an absolute must-listen and might just be one of the best stories ever told on our podcast.The holiday journey continues as Dan reflects on the diverse festive experiences in New Brunswick, Canada, Florida, Nashville, and Massachusetts. In a surprising twist, Marco spots a holiday gator swimming by in the canal – only in Florida, right? Dan takes us back to his Nashville home with a tall artificial tree and delves into the musical magic of the holiday season in the heart of a music city.As the conversation unfolds, Dan shares anecdotes about Christmas concerts, the joy they bring, and a New Year's baby story from his band days that'll keep you hooked till the end. Ever wondered about the perfect Christmas day? Dan paints a vivid picture. Plus, don't miss his hear his Lionel train story that adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the festivities.But that's not all! Marco's father-in-law steps in to shares his father-in-laws' Santa tale, and Dan dishes out valuable advice on playing the perfect Santa – a skill worth its weight in holiday gold.Stay tuned for more holiday cheer throughout December! And while you're at it, connect with us on social media for updates, behind-the-scenes delights, and maybe even some festive surprises:🐦 Twitter: @listenandsleep📸 Instagram: @theinsomniaproject🌐 Web:🎁 Patreon: you all a season filled with joy, laughter, and, of course, peaceful nights!
  • 3. Holiday Sweetness - Gingerbread Delights

    The Insomnia Project: Holiday Sweetness - Gingerbread Delights Summary:🎄✨ The holiday episodes are back on The Insomnia Project! 🌙 Throughout December, join us daily for a festive journey into the world of holiday-themed episodes—each a delightful blend of new discoveries and nostalgic gems. 🎙️ Whether it's a recent creation or a blast from the past, our episodes are guaranteed to add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your nights.On today's merry episode, hosts Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker dive headfirst into the delightful world of Gingerbread! 🍬 From the warm aroma of Gingerbread Lattes to the joy of crafting and decorating Gingerbread houses, the duo explores every facet of this sweet holiday tradition. 🏠✨Discover the age-old question: What to do with a Gingerbread home at the end of the season? 🤔 Marco, ever the architectural enthusiast, manages to mix up the names (yet again!)—this time with Frank Lloyd Wright. And let's not forget the accidental credit to cousin Franco instead of the true Gingerbread maestro, cousin Carlo. 🤦‍♂️🍰Join the laughter, fun anecdotes, and maybe even pick up a tip or two on Gingerbread craftsmanship. As we wrap up, don't forget to connect with us for more festive vibes and insomnia relief:🐦 Twitter: @listenandsleep📸 Instagram: @theinsomniaproject🌐 Web:🎁 Patreon: in daily and let The Insomnia Project be your nightly companion throughout this holiday season! 🎧🔔 #TheInsomniaProject #HolidayEpisodes #GingerbreadJoy #FestiveFun #HolidayMagic #PodcastLove #InsomniaRelief 🌟🍭🎁🎅🤶🔥🍪🥂🌟
  • 2. A Festive Dive into Memories and Quirks and the Holiday Cabinet

    The Insomnia Project: Holiday Extravaganza - A Festive Dive into Memories and Quirks🎄✨ The holiday episodes are back on The Insomnia Project! 🌙 Throughout December, unwrap a daily dose of holiday-themed magic as our hosts, Marco Timpano and Amanda Barker, take you on a delightful journey down memory lane. 🎙️ Whether it's a classic from the archives or a brand-new gem, each episode is infused with the warmth and joy of the season.On today's festive episode, Marco and Amanda explore the mysteries of their Christmas cupboard (or is it a Holiday Cabinet?). 🎁 Marco reminisces about his all-time favorite holiday gift—board games—sharing the joy it brought him as a child and continues to bring today. Dive into the intricate world of board games as Marco goes on a passionate exploration of the game Poleconomy.But that's not all! The hosts introduce us to a lively character categorized as "a pistol" (guaranteed fun!), discuss the art of replacing a doormat to elevate the festive spirit, and unveil a quirky new unit of measurement—fowl, loons, geese... because who wouldn't want to measure things in holiday birds? 🦢🎄To add a musical touch, Marco and Amanda share their favorite Christmas Carol, making this episode a perfect blend of nostalgia, laughter, and holiday spirit. 🎶✨Connect with us for more festive fun:🐦 Twitter: @listenandsleep📸 Instagram: @theinsomniaproject🌐 Web:🎁 Patreon: in daily for your dose of holiday joy and relaxation! 🎧🔔 #TheInsomniaProject #HolidayEpisodes #FestiveFun #BoardGames #ChristmasCheer #PodcastMagic #NostalgiaTrip #InsomniaRelief 🌟🎁🎀🎅🤶🔥🍪🥂🌟
  • 1. Holiday Episodes - Unwrapping the Past with Holiday Cards (2021)

    The Insomnia Project: Holiday Episodes - Unwrapping the Past with Holiday CardsThe Holiday's are back!! Welcome to The Insomnia Project Holiday Episodes! This December, join us every day for a festive treat as we bring you Holiday Episodes filled with cheer and relaxation. Whether you're a longtime listener or just joining us, these episodes are sure to add a touch of holiday magic to your insomnia-fighting arsenal.In this particular episode, we're throwing it back to 2021, where hosts Amanda Barker and Marco Timpano dive into the charming world of holiday cards. From heartfelt sentiments to quirky designs, Amanda and Marco explore the unique tradition of exchanging cards during the festive season. Whether you're a fan of classic cards adorned with snowy scenes or prefer a touch of humor with quirky illustrations, this episode has it all.As the hosts share their own experiences and anecdotes related to holiday cards, you'll find yourself immersed in the warm and cozy atmosphere of the season. So, grab a cup of cocoa, get comfortable, and let Amanda and Marco guide you through the delightful journey of holiday card traditions. Whether you're sending or receiving them, holiday cards have a special place in the hearts of many, making this episode a perfect companion for a peaceful evening during the most wonderful time of the year.Follow us:- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Web: theinsomniaproject.comIf you are looking to get a special holiday gift for someone or yourself, consider subscribing to our Patreon page:- Patreon: in daily for more holiday-themed episodes, and let The Insomnia Project be your go-to source for relaxation and holiday joy throughout December!
  • 10. Boats, Decor and so much more with special guest: Kelly Lawrence

    Host Marco Timpano makes up for the missed episode last week by welcoming guest Kelly Lawrence from Norwell, Massachusetts. The conversation kicks off with a deep dive into Kelly's home decor choices, exploring the art of making a home feel both welcoming and warm. The spotlight then shifts to a unique element in Kelly's home—a giant wooden giraffe—and the discussion delves into the strategies of seamlessly incorporating such distinctive pieces into a home's decor.Moving on to the topic of wall hangings, Marco and Kelly share insights on how to approach them and ensure they harmonize with the overall decor. The focus then narrows in on a specific wall hanging—a whale above the fireplace. Kelly provides the story behind acquiring the whale (featured in our Instagram post) and sheds light on the prevalence of nautical items in Massachusetts homes.The conversation takes a scenic turn to Kelly's boat, where she expresses her love for being on the water. Boating routes, the allure of Scituate, and the intriguing meeting point of the ocean and river at "the spit" all become part of the engaging dialogue. Marco explores what brings Kelly joy, leading to discussions about good stories, cherished company, and the undeniable joy that dogs bring.Kelly generously shares her tips on facing adversity, bringing a touch of inspiration to the conversation. The focus then shifts to the three fireplaces in Kelly's home, prompting a discussion on her favourite and a segue into the world of leather couches.The episode wraps up on a delightful note as Marco asks Kelly about her favourite flower, leaving listeners intrigued and eager to discover her answer. As always, the hosts sign off by inviting listeners to connect on social media:**Connect with us on:**- Twitter: @listenandsleep- Instagram: @theinsomniaproject- Website: Patreon: you for joining us on The Insomnia Project, the podcast for sleep.