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  • 6. James Heenan, The Importance of Local History

    James Hennan is a Local Historian and OPW Tour Guide at Portunma Castle in county Galway. In this episode, myself and James sit down to discuss the importance of local history. James also tells us about the history of his locality, Lorrha, a once major monastic site dating as far back as the 6th century. In the final part, James shares the wisdom he has gained in the pursuit of understanding the local history of his area.  
  • 5. Aidan Harte, The Púca of Ennistymon

    Aidan Harte is the man behind the now famous or perhaps notorious Púca of Ennistymon. In this episode, we sit down to discuss the furore around the Púca. Before that, however, we hear about his work as a sculptor, and his fascination with Irish folklore. To support the erection of the Púca in Ennistymon please send an email to Clare County Council at customerservices@clarecoco.iePlease consider supporting us by either donating or purchasing some products from our store. Donate:
  • 4. Olivia Feehan, Irish Attitudes Towards Mental Health

    The topic of mental health has long been a taboo a subject in Irish society, particularly, in rural communities. Yet, in recent years attitudes have begun to change and this has sparked an acceptance and willingness to talk about mental health issues. In this episode, I sit down with Integrative and Holistic Counsellor; and Director of The Dancing Soul, Olivia Feehan, to understand how these changes have come about and what more we can do to change attitudes toward mental health. Donate: Store: Feehan: Dancing Soul:
  • 3. Tina Claffey, From Botswana to the Bog (Part 2)

    In part two, Tina tells us about her reluctant return to Ireland from the wildernesses of Botswana only to find another wilderness on her own doorstep, namely the boglands of Ireland . Donate: Claffey Website: Portal – an exhibition by Tina Claffey:
  • 2. Tina Claffey, From Birr to Botswana (Part 1)

    Tina Claffey is the preeminent photographer of the Irish boglands. In this first part of two interviews, she tells us  how she ended up working as a nature photographer in the pristine wilderness of the African nation of Botswana and how this prepared her for her later work photographing the Irish Boglands. Donate: Claffey Website: Portal – an exhibition by Tina Claffey:
  • 1. Joy Connolly - Spiritual Medium

    Since ancient times many in Ireland believe that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world becomes thinnest at certain times of year or when in the presence of certain places or people.  This was most certainly the case when myself and Sheila sat down with spiritual medium, Joy Connolly, to hear her story and wisdom she offers. Donate: Connolly: