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Producing Killer Content with Lacy Boggs

Ep. 10

We’ve all experienced brands totally bombarding us with ads and messaging during a big launch or rebrand campaign, but going radio silent in the inbetween. The fact is, without fortifying a client base on those off times, brands will end up with less eyeballs, and way less enthusiasm, the next time they launch a new sale, product, or campaign. In order to maintain an audience, it’s integral for a brand to spend that off time nurturing and priming their base.

Today, we’re talking to content strategist Lacy Boggs. Lacy is the author of the bestselling Kindle ebook Make a Killing with Content and the director of the Content Direction Agency which helps small businesses with strategic content for in between launches.

Tune in and listen to episode ten as we cover the differences between conversion copywriting and content marketing, the delight and frustration of TikTok and speaking Gen Z’s language, and where to draw the line on your social media channels between personal and professional content.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

All about Lacy, her zodiac sign, and why she felt attacked the first time she read her enneagram results (03:20)

Lacy’s definition of content marketing and what it is and isn’t (07:35)

You don’t have to adopt every new social channel just because it’s hot—find the platform that works for you and your audience (19:11)

Choose one of your social media channels as a place to test ideas outloud (30:07)

Strategies for nurturing and building a brand in between launches (34:38)

To get to content that really sticks and resonates, be willing to play around and think outside the box(49:26)

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