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How to Position Yourself as an Expert Service Provider and Charge Accordingly with Amy Posner

Ep. 29
There are many lessons learned as a freelancer, from setting boundaries with clients to knowing what rate you should charge. Hearing from those who have gone through these obstacles and come out the other side with increased confidence and expertise is reassuring for those of us who may be struggling to set boundaries with clients, establish the right rates, and navigate imposter syndrome.Today, we’re talking with Amy Posner. Amy is an incredible copywriter, coach and mentor with 3 decades of business experience. She partners with Jo from Copyhackers 10x Freelancer and has her own mastermind, the Magnetic North, which helped so many digital creatives completely level up their businesses, earn their worth, become renowned experts in their niche, and turn their businesses into something that actually supports their dreams and life goals. She’s also super empathetic, a little bit almost closet woo, and Dawn’s business and copy coach.Tune in and listen to episode 29 where we talk with Amy about serving ourselves while also serving our mission, how being in a niche will make your services more desirable, when to adjust your freelance rate as your expertise increases, and what she has learned about tackling imposter syndrome at every stage of growth in business.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Amy’s natural ability to implement and take action without resistance (8:05)Why being in a niche will make your services more desirable (22:30)That we can bring new ideas and developments to the “rules” of copywriting (40:00)Our thoughts about failing to implement (59:20)Amy’s thoughts about setting and adjusting your freelance rate (1:07:10)That imposter syndrome will creep up at every stage of business (1:17:18)Connect with Amy PosnerInstagramTwitterFacebookTell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInSome of our quiz funnels:

How Minimalism Can Turn Neurodiversity, ADHD, and Engineered Distraction Into a Superpower with Robyn Buchanan

Ep. 28
Do you know anyone with ADHD or someone who is neurodivergent? Whether you have been diagnosed or not, it’s not a secret that we live in a distracted and cluttered world that continues to shorten our attention span. However, when we are self-aware and understand the environments that we focus best in, we are able to turn our struggles into a superpower.Today, we’re talking with Robyn Buchanan, an emergency nurse turned life and focus coach. With her husband and three children having ADHD, Robyn grew passionate about helping people with ADHD and neurodivergence to turn their struggles into a superpower. With Robyn’s coaching, her clients are able to not be paralyzed by their daily struggles anymore and understand what steps to take.Tune in and listen to episode 28 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. We talk with Robyn about her journey with minimalism and coaching ADHD clients and how the two intersect. She shares how our environment influences our ability to focus, why ADHD and neurodivergence can be leveraged as a strength for entrepreneurs, and steps to begin digitally decluttering.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why it’s valuable to delete things before adding things (7:04)How our environment affects us (15:46)Robyn’s strategies to help her clients discover their strengths (28:36)How being neurodivergent can be a superpower for entrepreneurs (47:50)The first step to addressing digital clutter (56:55)Resources Mentioned:Wealth Whispers Gift (free link with code)5 Reasons Why Sometimes, What's Presented as "Ethical Marketing" is Purity Culture in DisguiseBook: We Will Not Cancel UsClementine MorganConnect with Robyn BuchananLinkedInYouTubeTell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Chanti:WebsiteConnect with Dawn:WebsiteSome of our quiz funnels:

Ethical Marketing and Purity Culture with Merel Kriegsman

Ep. 27
As entrepreneurs know, there are many layers to ethical marketing. However, recently the lines have blurred between ethical marketing, purity culture, and distinguishing between what may be performative and what isn’t.Today, we’re talking with Merel Kriegsman. She is the CEO and founder of a company dedicated to helping you create wealth on your terms through entrepreneurship.Merel shows you how to sell out your premium offers and flagship programs, infusing your uniqueness, and embodying your desires. She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, ABC News, Entrepreneur, and more.Tune in and listen to episode 27 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. We talk with Merel about her entrepreneurship journey, from building her business from the ground up to evolving her sense of identity. You will also hear how Merel has incorporated her personality into her branding, what our thoughts are on the nuances of ethical marketing, how Merel helps her clients to create wealth, and more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Merel continues to evolve her sense of identity in work (6:31)Merel’s incorporation of her personality in her branding (23:00)Our thoughts on the ethical marketing movement (31:22)The importance of acknowledging our humanness in entrepreneurship (49:02)About Merel’s entrepreneurship journey and how she helps clients create wealth (57:47)Resources Mentioned:Wealth Whispers Gift (free link with code)5 Reasons Why Sometimes, What's Presented as "Ethical Marketing" is Purity Culture in DisguiseConnect with Merel Kriegsman:Facebook GroupPodcastWebsiteTell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInSome of our quiz funnels:

Challenging The Thought Terminating Cliches in the World of Online Business

Ep. 26
Have you heard the phrases “let’s just agree to disagree” or “everything happens for a reason”? These are examples of thought-terminating cliches - statements that are said to end conversations abruptly and uncomfortably.Today, we’re talking about the thought-terminating cliches that often appear in the world of online business. As entrepreneurs, we either hear these phrases from others which makes our business decisions feel inaccurately simplified and dismissed or we use these cliches ourselves as a way to mask our insecurities and limiting beliefs around building our business.Tune in and listen to episode twenty six of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. We talk about the thought-terminating cliches that have impacted our journey of working together, lessons and realizations about building a team, the importance of systemizing as an entrepreneur, the personal growth that comes with challenging thought-terminating cliches, and so much more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What a thought terminating cliche is and examples of how it is used in online business(1:57)How we have navigated working together and expanding our team (7:50)The importance of systemizing as an entrepreneur (41:45)How challenging thought terminating cliches teaches us new skills for all areas of life (57:09)Our reflection on the past 25 episodes of this podcast (1:02:37)Tell us what you want us to talk with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn

Understanding Hunter and Gatherer Entrepreneurship, Soul-Guidance & Shamanic Astrology with Jaime Fleres

Ep. 25
Looking at entrepreneurship through the lens of human history, it becomes clear that we aren’t as different from our ancestors as we may think.Today, we’re talking to the wonderful Jaime Fleres, an intuitive Soul Guide, Shamanic Astrologer, and Sound Healer. Jaime is devoted to helping people anchor into the truth of their being, find clarity of purpose, and courageously express themselves in the world. While she works through many modalities, her service is centered around connecting people back into their wholeness, clearing patterns that no longer serve them, and helping them lead a soul-aligned business.Tune in and listen to episode 25 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Jaime talks with us about the comparisons between entrepreneurship and our hunter and gatherer ancestors, the power of soul-guidance for entrepreneurs, and shares her wisdom about Shamanic astrology.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Jaime’s explanation of the South Node and North Node (06:45)The astrology behind the seasons of the planets (12:46)About the Hunter and Gatherer entrepreneurship model (22:17)Why society has a distrust in abundance (34:11)What soul-guidance is and its benefit for entrepreneurship (49:40)Resources Mentioned:Book - The Human Zoo by Desmond MorrisBook - Sex at Dawn with Christopher RyanFind Out Your Own Unfair with Jaime Fleres:Sacred Heart Healing ArtsWebsiteInstagramConnect with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn

How to kill it as a new coach with Jennifer Pierce

Ep. 24
Have you been interested in starting a coaching business but you aren’t sure where to start? Or you don’t think you have the right expertise? Stop those limiting beliefs and take the leap of faith! When clients are introduced to a coach that is just a couple steps closer to where they want to be, they aren’t intimidated and their goals don’t feel as out of reach.Today, we’re talking to an incredible entrepreneur, Jennifer Pierce. Jennifer is a coach for coaches, specifically beginner coaches that are building their business from the ground up. She has her master's in spiritual psychology and calls herself a ‘soul-aligned coach’, helping others create fulfilling & profitable coaching business.If you have no idea how to start growing your coaching empire, Jennifer’s unique method and insights will help you scale while feeling supported as a new coach in the industry.Tune in and listen to episode twenty four where Jennifer sits down with us today to talk about how she began working with new coaches, what she has learned about becoming profitable as a coach, why she calls herself a ‘soul-aligned’ coach, and so much more.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The first steps Jennifer takes when working with a new coach (10:04)Jennifer’s approach when working with introverted clients (23:48)Why there is a common misconception that the coaching industry is saturated (33:11)How Jennifer works as a soul-aligned coach (45:45)Jennifer’s insights on building a profitable coaching business (52:10)About Jennifer’s upcoming 3-day challenge (1:00:11)Tell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Jennifer Pierce:WebsiteInstagramFacebookConnect with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn

New Paradigm vs. Old Paradigm with Sara Yamtich

Ep. 23
It’s no secret that there has been a massive shift in the way that humans work which has transformed the world. The old paradigm of working 9-5 in a hierarchical structure within a corporate organization continues to disappear while the new paradigm of autonomy, unlimited abundance, and higher consciousness continues to rise.Today, we’re talking to Sara Yamtich, the CEO and founder of Conscious Conversion, a holistic multi-media marketing agency supporting soulful thought leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs. Sara’s work isn’t just about marketing strategy - with a Masters in Social Work, a life coaching certification, and extensive digital marketing experience, Sara takes client care to a whole new level. She focuses on helping clients reach the right audience, resonate deeply with them, and consciously convert customers so they can reach the most people in the right way.Tune in and listen to episode 23 where Sara sits down with us today to talk about her journey to creating Conscious Conversion, what her struggles and hopes are with the new paradigm, her perspective on abundance, and a pivotal moment that transformed her mindset.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Sara identifies her personality traits to her Enneagram number (4:45)About Sara’s career background and what led her to creating Conscious Conversion (12:49)Sara’s struggles and thoughts about the new paradigm versus old paradigm of working (18:17)What Sara’s boundaries are with herself and the Universe (26:34)Why Sara believes that economics don’t have to be a zero-sum game (41:39)A pivotal moment that transformed Sara’s mindset (51:38)Tell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Sara:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLinkedInConnect with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn

Being Your You-est You with Julie Reisler

Ep. 22
We all know what it feels like to experience intuition on some level. You might have felt it as a vague notion, a passing nudge, or maybe you’re even super connected and can use it as a sort of guide. Regardless of how we intuit, few of us are taking full advantage of it as a sixth sense—but what if tuning into our intuition could change both our lives and our businesses?Today, we’re talking to Julie Reisler, the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy certification program. She’s also the founder and CEO of Empowered Living Inc, a coaching and personal growth company. Julie is a master life coach, author, multi-time TEDx speaker, and host of “The You-est You” podcast. Her mission is guiding big-hearted entrepreneurs to birth their big vision and be their you-est you.Tune in and listen to episode 22 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem as Julie sits down with us today to talk about the importance of meditation, telling the difference between our anxiety and our intuition, and the differences she sees between coaching in a group setting versus a one-on-one environment.In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Julie utilizes her zodiac chart and her Human Design to learn more about herself and her business (04:54)Julie’s relationship with her intuition (10:44)The way Julie teaches her coaching clients to tap into their intuition (25:35)How Julie’s coaching program differs from others available (32:07)What guided Julie to know it was time to start her coaching program (41:39)What you can actively do when you’re unable to connect with your intuition (44:27)Tell us what you want us to talk with Julie:Life Designer Coach AcademyIntuition QuizWebsiteResources Mentioned: with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn

Branding Your Offer with Melissa Burkheimer

Ep. 21
When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” what do you think? For many of us, it means the ability to work with freedom; we can show up for our kid’s soccer game, telecommute from anywhere in the world, and still be our own boss. But the greatest freedom of all? When and if we decide we no longer want to work in our chosen field, we have the grace to move on to something new.Today, we’re welcoming Melissa Burkheimer, the founder of Melissa Burkheimer Studios, a design agency that partners with thought leaders, beauty brands, global nonprofits and production companies to create stellar product brand experiences. When she’s not directing launches or creating social impact campaigns, she’s interviewing creators on her award winning podcast, The Design Business Show, or lounging in her pool, making a plan for her plans.Tune in and listen to episode 21 where Melissa is talking to us about her early work with Amy Porterfield, the importance of seeing the bigger picture, and her advice for anyone planning to launch a digital business.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Melissa and how she came to launch her freelance business (03:27)Melissa’s relationship with personality tests (12:39)How Melissa’s understanding of who she is and what she wants played into her decision to shift her focus (16:11)What lights Melissa up the most when it comes to consulting (32:34)The importance of flexibility when you’re a business owner (39:48)Tell us what you want us to talk Out Your Own Unfair with Melissa:WebsitePodcastSales Page SuperstarInstagramLinkedInConnect with Chanti:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Dawn:WebsiteInstagramLinkedIn