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How Minimalism Can Turn Neurodiversity, ADHD, and Engineered Distraction Into a Superpower with Robyn Buchanan

Ep. 28

Do you know anyone with ADHD or someone who is neurodivergent? Whether you have been diagnosed or not, it’s not a secret that we live in a distracted and cluttered world that continues to shorten our attention span. However, when we are self-aware and understand the environments that we focus best in, we are able to turn our struggles into a superpower.

Today, we’re talking with Robyn Buchanan, an emergency nurse turned life and focus coach. With her husband and three children having ADHD, Robyn grew passionate about helping people with ADHD and neurodivergence to turn their struggles into a superpower. With Robyn’s coaching, her clients are able to not be paralyzed by their daily struggles anymore and understand what steps to take. 

Tune in and listen to episode 28 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. We talk with Robyn about her journey with minimalism and coaching ADHD clients and how the two intersect. She shares how our environment influences our ability to focus, why ADHD and neurodivergence can be leveraged as a strength for entrepreneurs, and steps to begin digitally decluttering. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Why it’s valuable to delete things before adding things (7:04)

How our environment affects us (15:46)

Robyn’s strategies to help her clients discover their strengths (28:36)

How being neurodivergent can be a superpower for entrepreneurs (47:50)

The first step to addressing digital clutter (56:55)

Resources Mentioned:

Wealth Whispers Gift (free link with code)

5 Reasons Why Sometimes, What's Presented as "Ethical Marketing" is Purity Culture in Disguise

Book: We Will Not Cancel Us

 Clementine Morgan

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