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Season Two - The Finale

Season 1, Ep. 15

And now... the end is near... it's time to face... the season finale... Season Two, you've been a blast and chock full of contemporary, inspirational, global female women. Here we recap our highlights and lowlights of the season, as well as the books we've found ourselves coming back to. Plus a preview of what to expect in Season Three!

Thank you so much to you, our lovely listeners, for joining us on our journey throughout this season. We love you and will see you VERY soon.

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  • 5. Sweet Enough - Alison Roman

    Are we feeling salty or sweet...enough? Following our review of her first two books last season (listen if you haven't already!) it's time to revisit one Alison Roman and her new baking book, Sweet Enough, alongside our usual ramblings - this time about nachos, Jake Cohen and whatever else takes our (nothing) fancy. We also discussed this piece which we LOVE about random foodie combinations, and we'd love to hear yours: Swindler – AmariàFluffy – Smith the Mister
  • 4. The Ultimate Veggie Burger

    Back by popular demand... we're giving the humble veggie burger the 'ultimate' treatment, and it's beans all round - just as you requested! We get blitzing (while leaving some texture) and discussing all things patties in Cookbook Circle detail, with a surprise contender coming out on top for Victoria..Let us know your favourite veggie burger recipes, we'd love to hear them!Music:Lovely Swindler – AmariàGreen Tea – Smith the MisterIntro song – "Who's in the Beany Beany Bag" – Victoria
  • 3. Cookbook Circle Recommends... Flavour

    New(ish) format incoming! There's something so special (and maybe rare) about a book which we both own, like, and cook from regularly, and so we are going to tell you all about these books in our new 'Cookbook Circle recommends...' series. How could we not bring you Ottolenghi for the first?! Let us tell you what we love about Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage. We'll also tell you which members of Blazin' Squad we loved, so there's something for everyone.Help us buy limes and their derivatives by supporting us on Patreon: the Mister
  • 2. How to Be a Domestic Goddess - Nigella Lawson

    Ohh Nigella, our queen of sexy synonyms, the most prepared for the school fete, the chin-drippingly good domestic goddess in all her glory - we're thrilled to return to the subject of our very first episode by discussing her second book, How to be a Domestic Goddess. Join us as we bake our way through this book, with just a few recitations of Nigella's prose along the way...If you can, help us to keep our pantry stocked by supporting us on Patreon: Swindler – Amarià
  • 1. The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

    We're back with season three of the Cookbook Circle podcast and episode one is chewy, gooey and fresh out of the oven. The first in a series of deep dives into finding the best recipes for our favourite foods, we are talking all about choclate chip cookies! Let us know your favourite cookie recipe so we can try it.If you can, help us to buy more chocolate to chop by supporting us on Patreon: Swindler – AmariàGreen Tea – Smith the Mister
  • Season 3: Trailer

    It's season threeeeeee! And we're giving you a sneak preview of our first episode... Subscribe now to be the first to hear it!Follow us @cookbookcircleMusic: Upbeat Funk, Infraction.
  • 14. From the Oven to the Table and How to Eat a Peach

    In the final full episode of Season 2, we decided to focus on food writer and cookbook machine, Diana Henry. It's another 2-for-1 special, with Victoria cooking from From the Oven to the Table and Hannah taking the fuzzy wuzzy How to Eat a Peach. As usual, it's not just about the recipes, as we range from the dating life of Girls Aloud alumni to TikTok trends - and as ever, we love you even more for sticking with us through it all! Music: Upbeat Funk - Infraction, Smith the Mister - Floating
  • 13. Home Food - Olia Hercules

    Come dine with us, little dumplings, as we tell you all about Olia Hercules' latest book, Home Food. We've been gone for a little while, but we haven't forgotten how to go off on tangents, so you can look forward to discussions ranging from our prospective applications for Love Island to cabbage tattoos. We do also talk about Home Food, promise! As we approach one year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, you can donate to #cookforukraine here: Music: Upbeat Funk - Infraction