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ARVO: Nineties Nostalgia with Jake Howie

Comedian Jake Howie joins Gabbia and Aleksa for an Arvo Chat. Jake's talks his upcoming show 'Cult Fiction' and what it was like to grow up in Scientology. Jake also dives into what it was like to catch COVID during a tour, and together everyone looks back at the 90's!

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  • How Crypto Billionaires Are Exactly Like Bond Villains

    Charles and Dom provide an insightful explanation of how crypto is a Ponzi scheme, and bring you to speed on the latest crypto-billionaires to start facing consequences.
  • Dom Hates Paul Kelly | Word Of The Year 2023 Pt. 2

    Dom continues to tour Charles through Macquarie's list of words of 2023, and starts off with a highly controversial take on one of Australia's most celebrated song writers.
  • 2023's Word Of The Year

    Dom takes a walk down the Macquarie's Word Of The year list for 2023, and Charles tries to guess what they mean. CHALLENGE: If you can accurately guess more of these than Charles, congratulations: you aren't as old and out of touch as him. Hahahaha.
  • How To Start A Podcast Shittier Than This One

    Dom Knight, who is officially studying podcasting, presents a list of genuine reasons why YOU, OUR DEAR LISTENER should start your own podcast. However, as Charles points out, that podcast might not be very good. (Please for the love of fuck don't start one we don't need the competition.)
  • We Bought A Zoo (Onto A Plane)

    Charles Firth presents what he earnestly declares as "the world's greatest story". Listen and find out what's so funny about animals on a plane, and why Dom declares this as the last ever episode of The Chaser Report at the end.
  • ChatGPT's CEO Sacked And Replaced By AI

    Charles Firth, who has spent the last 18 months ingesting all the world's data on LLM's and Open AI, tells you the (maybe) real reason why the company that created ChatGPT have sacked their CEO.
  • Optus's CEO Outage

    CEO of Optus, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, has resigned to spend more time with her burner phones. In the meantime, Charles and Dom talk about how India lost the cricket world cup due to out-woking Australia - as will soon be reported by SkyNews.
  • "Live and Arty" | Craig Reucassel, Mark Humphries, Jennifer Forward-Hayter, Gabbi Bolt & Charles Firth

    The Chaser Report Live & Arty was recorded on the 17th of November at The Tap Gallery. Discussing art, archibalds, renting, and terrible podcast decisions.