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Alarmist Climate Scientists Weren't Alarmist Enough

Charles tells Dom he has good news about the climate. If you've been with the podcast for any length of time, then by now you will know that Charles having "good news" means that something absolutely terrible is about to be shared.

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  • Australia Should Start A Violent Housing Militia

    This episode features Charles and Dom debating how foreign policy could be used to solve the housing market. That foreign policy happens to involve shooting and killing. I won't sugar coat it, this one is a macabre episode.
  • Albo's Tenant Invites Us To His Eviction Party | Jim Flanagan

    Dom and Charles sit for a chat with Anthony Albanese's soon-to-be evicted tenant, Jim Flanagan. Jim shares how his life became a media-circus after The Daily Telegraph butchered his story, how the Prime Minister and media spread misinformation without fact checking, and of course, an invite to his upcoming eviction party.
  • Google's New AI Tells You To Eat Rocks, Glue, And Gasoline

    Google has unveiled the next step backward in AI, much to the delight of Charles and Dom. Join them as they showcase some of the atrocious search results that the new AI generated 'Google Overviews' genuinely gave to users.
  • Afghanistan Gets The "Where The Bloody Hell Are You?" Treatment

    Charles needs a holiday, and Dom reckons he has the perfect destination... Afghanistan!
  • How To Extort Gina Rinehart With Art

    Dom and Charles concoct a foolproof plan on how to make infinite money from the most famous woman in the world this week, Gina Rinehart. Turns out all you need to do is know exactly what billionaires don't want you doing.
  • Getting Our FLiRT On

    Apologies for disappearing, poor Dom caught COVID's newest variant: FLiRT. No, we aren't making that name up. Anyway we're back, leave a five star review and say thanks, cheers!
  • Budget Preview: Hypothetical Submarines for All!

    Charles and Dom deep dive into a preview ahead of tonights Federal Budget.
  • Charles is now a Global Wanker(nomics expert)

    Charles is taking his live show to Edinburgh, and Dom tries and fails to contain his jealousy. Plus, we reveal how to make a $weet fortune in kickbacks, as pioneered by some Commonwealth Bank employees recently.
  • Charles reckons you can use Bluetooth in space!

    In yet another outlandish and implausible claim, Charles claims scientists have figured out how to use Bluetooth beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Having used Bluetooth within the Earth’s atmosphere, Dom is sceptical. But if it works, what else could we use Space Bluetooth (tm) for?