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We'll Be Back April 29

Just going out to get milk.

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  • Peter Dutton Is All About That Baseload

    Charles Firth has another political theory about Peter Dutton's nuclear energy plan. Unfortunately for Charles, Dom Knight has baseloads. Baseload baseload baseload.
  • 2024: A Space Tragedy

    There are astronauts currently stranded in the International Space Station. Nasa cannot save them, Boeing cannot save them, and Elon Musk cannot save them. You know who can? Charles and Dom.
  • Duttonheimer

    Dom and Charles address the story of the week: Dutton's nuclear future.
  • Did We Call The 2025 Election Last November???

    We hate to admit it, but if things keep going the way they are, then Charles might actually be ... right?
  • Introducing The Newest Member Of Seven News | Mark Humphries

    Charles' dear friend and fellow War On 2024 tour act Mark Humphries has just been announced as a new member of the Seven News team. Naturally, Charles goes to his best efforts to ensure this is the shortest career Mark has ever had.
  • Teaching Penny Wong To Say 'No'

    Charles has made an incredible discovery -- Penny Wong cannot say no. Or answer any question directly it would seem.
  • Apple Intelligence Still Won't Fix Apple Maps | Welcome To The Future

    Charles and Dom take a look at what Apple has promised about their new product: Apple Intelligence. Then they take a guess at how well those promises will be executed.
  • Predicting How Elon Musk Will Die

    Dom presents new details from a deep dive into the Titan OceanGate submersible that show it was even more ridiculous than we ever knew. Meanwhile Charles has a prediction on the manner of Elon Musk's death.
  • Move Over Bonza, There's A New Aussie Airline In Town

    Dom and Charles feel bad for not buying Bonza Air like they said they would. So to right that wrong, they invent a brand new airline that actually highlights the true Australian spirit.